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10 hobbies you can pick up in a month

Updated: Jan 5

It can be intimidating to learn a new skill, but if you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up quickly, consider starting with these 10 hobbies. These are some of our employee’s favorite hobbies - which one will you consider learning?

1. Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga including decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation and more. Take some time over the next 30 days to strengthen your body and relax your mind. Alex, Robotics Engineer, fell in love with yoga quickly and within 30 days, decided to take a class to become an instructor. Yoga is now part of his daily routine.

Start here: 30 days of yoga with Adriene on YouTube

2. Knitting

Shelby, Recruitment Marketing Manager, found knitting while watching tv or listening to a podcast stress-relieving and learned the new skill in less than 30 days. She has started with creating a dishcloth and is now moving on to scarves.

Try this: Knit your own scarf kit

3. Calligraphy

Looking to improve your penmanship or even starting a side-hustle? Consider trying out calligraphy. Sam, Marketing Associate, picked up calligraphy and now addresses wedding invitations!

Check out: 30 days to better brush calligraphy

4. Photography

With today’s technology, you can pick up photography without spending a fortune on a DSLR camera. Mike, Senior Accountant, learned some basic photography skills using the camera on his iPhone once his daughter was born. He now has some amazing photos and memories to cherish forever.

Learn it from: iPhone Photography School on YouTube

5. Coloring

Adult coloring books are all the rage! Sarah, Key Account Manager, grabs her markers and coloring book at the end of the day to help unwind and destress.

Our favorites include: 50 Mandalas, Magical Jungle, and 100 Animals

6. Running

Eric, Quality Systems Associate Manager, picked up running after gaining weight when he left the Navy. Once he started, he quickly became hooked and fell in love with endurance sports.

Start here: 30-days to train for a 5K challenge

7. Guitar

Ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Paul, Senior Quality Engineer, found a guitar for under $100 and taught himself to play by watching videos on YouTube.

Try this: Learn guitar in 30 days on YouTube

8. Cooking

Now is a great time to stop ordering take out and learn the basics of cooking. If you’re already cooking simple meals, try taking it to the next level with some more difficult recipes. Clement, Project Manager, decided to save money on take-out and going out to eat and now cooking has become his passion.

Check out: 10 recipes for kitchen newbies

9. Home improvement

Rather than paying someone to come fix the plumbing, learn to do it yourself! Elise, UX Developer, wanted to re-design her bathroom but was on a limited budget. She saved a lot of money by changing the lights and re-tiling on her own after watching a few videos on YouTube.

Inspiration: The 15 best DIY bathroom projects

10. Trivia

Ever wanted to compete on Jeopardy? Set aside some time every week to learn new trivia facts. Malcolm, Manufacturing Engineer, has trivia night every Thursday with his friends and has learned a lot of new things.

Start here: How to learn trivia and prepare for trivia night

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