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10 ways Stryker celebrates interns every day

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Stryker’s internship program values the work that interns do and invests in interns with the end goal of converting them to a full-time role. WayUp offers some ideas for how to celebrate National Intern Day. As we looked through the ideas leading up to the holiday, we realized how many things we already do every day to celebrate our interns and we would like to share that with you!

Here are 10 ways Stryker celebrates interns every day

1. Company swag

Upon their arrival to Stryker on orientation day, interns are gifted with goody bags that include Stryker swag, including T-shirts, sunglasses, rally towels, and more!

2. Family Day

Interns are encouraged to invite their families to spend a day at our offices to get a glimpse of what Stryker interns do every day, meet their teams, and see our facilities.

3. Product Demo Day

Representatives from Stryker’s different divisions showcase how our products function and offers a hands-on opportunity for interns to understand how Stryker impacts lives every day.

4. Meet the CEO event

Interns across the country are invited to spend an afternoon with Kevin Lobo, Stryker's Chairman and CEO. Interns who are not present at our headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan, are able to Skype in. At this event, interns can learn about Stryker, Kevin’s background, and the value Stryker places on our internship program.

5. Meet with senior leader events

Stryker’s University Relations team plans the series of 'Meet the President' events to give interns exposure to the President of their affiliated divisions. These events give interns insight into their President’s career path, work style, and personality.

6. Social events

Offsite team-building events encourage fun while creating a sense of togetherness. Some examples include intern “family dinners,” outdoor excursions, and other weekend trips together.

7. Volunteer day

The intern volunteer committee plans and hosts charity-focused events dedicated to community outreach and our commitment to service. This year, the Central region intern cohort is working with youth and combating child hunger by spending a day with local Kalamazoo children at the YMCA, organizing a nutrition-themed art project and conducting STEM projects.

8. Intern program offsite event

The University Relations team hosts intern offsite events to encourage community building among the intern classes. For example, this year the intern cohort of 94 interns based out of our various Kalamazoo office locations will be attending a baseball game in Grand Rapids, MI.

9. “Dress for your day” policy

Interns are encouraged to “dress for their day,” which means they can dress casually if what is on the schedule that day allows for it!

10. Conversion to full-time employee is always the end goal!

We view our internships as a 3-month interview that goes both ways: we hope to hire our interns and reward great talent, and we also know that they are interviewing us! We encourage our interns to ask questions, make personal connections, and find out if Stryker feels like home to them.


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