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14 reasons to join Stryker’s Instruments division in Portage, Michigan

Stryker's Instruments division opened its new office space in Portage, Michigan in 2019 with an open work environment and state-of-the-art amenities. At 485,000 square feet, this space can accommodate our vast collection of teams and services under one roof enabling us to easily innovate alongside our customers.

Our space thrives on transparency. The glass walls remind us that no idea should be created in a vacuum, and the 277 acres of surrounding farmland were specifically selected for their connections to nature. From the natural grasses, walking trails, and bounty of wildflowers growing in the spring, our building serves as a backdrop to support future design, innovation, and growth.

Here are 14 reasons to join our Instruments team in Portage

1. 12 coffee bars

Our new space is designed with collaboration in mind, and the twelve coffee bars dispersed throughout the facility are at the center of this vision. Whether you’re looking to refrigerate your lunch, chat about your weekend plans or just need a quick break, the coffee bars are intended to bring people together. Grab a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy it in a snazzy (and environmentally-friendly) ceramic mug for unlimited refills that won’t contribute to landfills.

2. On-site Starbucks

In addition to our complimentary Water Street coffee available at the coffee bars, we proudly serve Starbucks* as a for-pay option available in the common area.

3. On-site auditorium

Our 4,000 square foot auditorium and 1,000 square foot pre-function area are located at the east end of the building near the customer and visitor entrance. It boasts state-of-the-art technology and thoughtful amenities to ensure your next big meeting not only runs smoothly, but it’s also a hit. With room for 175 people, this space is designed to accommodate large events such as formal training and town halls.

4. Customer Experience Center

Our 7,000 square foot Instruments Experience Center was created with product innovation in mind. This unique space is fully equipped to engage and educate our customers while offering a variety of features and amenities designed to simulate where and how our products are used in the field. It provides us with the opportunity to partner with our customers to live out our mission of making healthcare better.

5. Treadmill desks

Our treadmill stations feature a height-adjustable desk for your laptop so that you can stay active while keeping up-to-date on email.

6. Private phone booths

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor! Whether you’re hosting a conference call and you’ll be the primary presenter, or you need to make a vet appointment for Mr. Jingles, phone booths are designed to be a non-reservable, private space to take phone calls away from your desk.

7. On-site fitness center and locker rooms

Our 11,000 square foot Wellbeing Center is home to a variety of amenities to support your overall health and wellbeing. Amenities include:

  • Free weights

  • AstroTurf

  • Ellipticals

  • Treadmills

  • Stationary bikes

  • Stair master

  • 2 fitness classrooms

  • Towel service

  • Physical and social/emotional coaching

  • Outdoor basketball court

  • 1-mile outdoor trail with connection points to the Portage Trail System

8. On-site cafeteria

Feeling hungry? We have a variety of food stations available to suit your individual dietary needs and preferences!

9. Free fruit

Free whole fruit is available at each coffee station and cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

10. On-site FedEx office

We are excited to offer FedEx Office and Print professional business with on-site printing services, mailing and parcel management services, and more!

11. Quiet rooms

Quiet rooms are a single-occupancy, multipurpose space intended to accommodate a variety of employee needs including lactation, prayer, and meditation. These rooms are equipped with a lounge chair, small refrigerator, sink, and side table.

12. Balconies and terraces

What better way to get through the 2 PM slump than to get some fresh air on one of the many available balconies and terraces. These areas are equipped with patio furniture to allow you to work outside (weather permitting) and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding property.

13. Access to the Portage Trail System

We are excited to offer a one-mile outdoor trail surrounding the grounds of our facility. This trail, complete with quarter-mile markers, connects to the greater Portage system to accommodate a variety of outdoor activities. Remember – not all meetings have to be confined to the walls of our office space, schedule a walking meeting to boost your energy!

14. Community garden

Located on the south side of the building, our community garden will be primarily used by our food service vendor to provide fresh produce for the cafeteria. Instruments employees will also have access to a small portion of the garden for personal use, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Interested in joining our family in Portage, Michigan?

Check out our current job openings and apply today!

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