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4 benefits of joining a talent network

Updated: Jan 8

You may have noticed that on our career site there is a “Join our Talent Network” button. Talent networks enable job seekers to upload their contact information and career preferences into a database so they can be notified of new job opportunities, company updates, and more.

Here are 4 benefits of joining a talent network

1. Receive an email when a new, relevant job opportunity becomes available

When you join our talent network, you will be opting-in to receive updates via email when a job opportunity that matches your interests becomes available. This provides you the opportunity to be one of the first to apply. It also saves you time by having to check back in on the career site to see if the job of your dreams is available.

2. You may discover a new career

When you receive job alerts, you’ll see a list of job openings that match your interests, which may lead to job titles you’ve never considered but may be qualified for. Explore these opportunities and you could find yourself on a new career path.

3. You’ll get a better understanding of the company culture

In addition to job alerts, we send out talent network newsletters which provide an update on what’s happening within the organization and will offer you insight into the type of culture the company offers. This information will help you understand if this is the type of environment you want to be apart of, allowing you to opt-in (or opt-out) of pursuing a career here.

4. You will become a better candidate

In many of Stryker’s talent network newsletters, we include interview and career tips that may help you become a better candidate. By signing up for the talent network, you’ll likely learn some new tips on a monthly basis.

Interested in joining Stryker’s talent network?

Sign up today and stay up to date on what’s happening!

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