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4 ways Stryker is advancing women in Asia Pacific

Updated: 2 days ago

At Stryker, we're not just talking about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); we're embedding DEI into our culture and practices, especially when it comes to empowering women in the workplace. Globally, our efforts are supported by the Stryker Women's Network (SWN), an Employee Resource Group committed to creating an environment where women feel supported and can thrive.    

Here's 4 ways our Asia Pacific (APAC) SWN chapter is making a difference:      

1. Mentoring women leaders     

This unique initiative spans a 9-month period, facilitating cross-functional and cross-regional exchanges among participants from all over the region, while pairing women leaders with members of our APAC Leadership Team. These intentional pairings offer a rich ground for mentees and mentors alike to exchange insights, learn from diverse cultures and understand the nuances of different career paths. As this program continues to expand, it exemplifies our commitment to fostering the growth of women leaders within Stryker, offering the guidance and support needed to develop and navigate their careers successfully.  


“The executive dialogue has been an amazing program that has built bridges across our APAC business. Not only has it helped develop our future women leaders in APAC it has also fostered connections throughout the region. As a leader involved in the program for many years, I think I have learned just as much from the participants in the region as they have from the program!” - Maurice B. M., SWN APAC Executive Sponsor

2. Facilitating meaningful dialogue     

Recognizing the importance of open communication, in 2021, SWN sites across APAC began hosting small group sessions dubbed "SWN Listens." These gatherings offer a safe space for SWN members to share their experiences, challenges and aspirations. The insights gathered from these sessions are invaluable, allowing leadership and Human Resources to work closely with SWN chapters in crafting policies and programs that promote an equitable work environment for all.  


“I have facilitated two SWN Listen sessions so far and these discussions have been immensely helpful in gaining insights into the perspectives and needs of women at Stryker Singapore. These sessions have provided our members a safe environment and forum to openly discuss issues faced by women in the workplace. The dialogue sessions have also provided me a valuable source to gain feedback on past initiatives and insights on how local and regional SWN initiatives can better support the women workforce in Singapore continue to grow, learn and advance their career in Stryker,” - Tarang T., SWN Singapore Site lead 


3. Empowering managers      

A key insight from “SWN Listens” highlighted a common desire among managers to better support women in the workplace, but lack of confidence in having the right tools to do so. Based on this feedback, in 2023 SWN launched SWN Empowers, a pioneering program aimed at equipping managers with the knowledge and skills to assist in fostering inclusion and allyship. Over three months, 60 managers dedicated themselves to learning about psychological safety, career advancement, planning for parental leave and advocacy. An overwhelming 96% of participants reported that the program would enhance their ability to lead more effectively around and for women.  


“Very meaningful to be able to have discussions with various members from diverse countries not only about work but also about their outlook on life. I learned that eliminating unconscious bias and engaging in dialogue with other people with genuine interest in them is very important in my work and life.   When faced different perspective from my colleagues, I would like to listen to and respect the opinions of others, seeing this as an important way to enrich my life.” - Akira N., Marketing and Education director, Japan, Neurovascular 


4. Regional alignment, local delivery     

Running an ERG is a labor of love that requires considerable effort. To streamline this process and maximize impact, the APAC SWN team has been working diligently to provide local sites with the tools, resources and frameworks needed to help consistency, while also allowing for the localization of content. This approach ensures that our initiatives remain relevant and impactful across the diverse markets within the APAC region.     At Stryker, advancing women in the workplace is more than an initiative; it's a core part of who we are. Through programs like these, we're not only supporting our women employees but also driving forward the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion that form the bedrock of our values. Together, we're committed to creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  



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