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5 New Year’s resolutions and 3 tips on keeping them

Updated: Jan 8

As we head into the new year, making resolutions for a healthier and happier year ahead is top of mind for most of us.

Here are 5 new year’s resolutions that some Stryker employees are making for 2021:

  • Continue to find joy and be thankful everyday - Janice L, Engineer

  • Support local businesses and restaurants that struggled in 2020 due to the pandemic – Jeff, Sales Rep

  • Try something new each month, like cooking a new recipe or taking an online class -Norma, General Manager

  • Take a break from social media and decrease daily screen time – Amit, Account Manager

  • Getting healthier! I'm starting with shaving a minute off my running pace - Lisa, Manager

Read on for our tips on how to stick with your resolutions.

We polled fellow Stryker employees and here are our top three tips:

50% said: Make specific, measureable goals – for example ‘I’m going to read more this year’ should be ‘I’m going to read one book a month’.

44% said: Give yourself grace – it’s ok to have the occasional slip, but don’t let it throw you off course. We say try again.

7% said: Think big, but start small. You might have an ultimate goal in mind, but plan smaller goals that lead up to the success of the large goal.

Whatever resolution you make, and however you plan to start your year, we hope these tips will help you achieve your goals!

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