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5 reasons to join our Data and Analytics team  

Our Data and Analytics teams use their expertise to solve complex problems, drive efficiencies and deliver solutions to make healthcare better. These teams are at the forefront of leading-edge work and have a direct impact on driving process and product improvements. Our global data community is given opportunities to share best practices throughout the organization. Through a variety of internal events, employees from around the globe have the ability to learn from thought leaders in the company, network with fellow data colleagues and celebrate achievements.  


Here are 5 reasons to join our Data and Analytics team:  


1. Our collaborative culture  

 “The best thing about working at Stryker for me has to be the collaborative culture that exists throughout this company, whether that's working with others on projects or that's hearing about what everyone's working on. It's great to see such driven and passionate people working towards positive outcomes for external and internal customers.” –  Isaiah W. | Manager, Finance Data Science| United States  


2. The growth and development opportunities  

 “Stryker has a great culture to cater towards growth for individuals. Whatever you are interested in, the team members that you get to work with on a regular basis and the learning opportunities that you will get to experience at Stryker is phenomenal.–  Kazi Z. | Senior Data Scientist | United States  


3. Our people, projects and diversity  

"The three things I love most about working at Stryker are the people, the projects, and the diversity. Stryker is a very open, collaborative organization and has a great culture of respecting and valuing everybody's input regardless of their level." –  Nathalie W. | Principal Data Scientist | Netherlands


4. Our supportive work environment  

 “If you ask me about my favorite thing has been while working at Stryker, it would be the culture. It’s really fun to work with the people and you will never find yourself alone in any situation.” –  Ajay K. | Development Manager, Data Services | India  


5. You’ll never stop learning  

 “I got to use Power BI for the first time throughout the summer, I practiced my data visualization skills and by the end of the summer, I was able to contribute my own dashboards to the team.”  –  Vedha S. | Data Analytics Intern| United States    

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