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5 reasons to join Stryker’s Information Solutions team

Updated: May 31

Our Information Solutions (IS) teams make healthcare better by providing excellent services and innovative technologies for Stryker – we are the global technology partner to our divisions and functions supporting Stryker’s mission and values. We do this by providing superior value through the delivery of service and system excellence to drive a simpler business experience and global growth.  

Focused on our future, our industry-leading team also specializes in cybersecurity, cyber risk, plus IT compliance and is committed to safeguarding Stryker’s data and assets. Through proficient cyber risk management, we proactively mitigate potential threats and continually innovate strategies to stay at the forefront of the evolving cyber landscape. 

Here are 5 reasons to join Stryker’s Information Solutions team  

1. You’ll make a difference in an organization who cares 

“Stryker takes cybersecurity extremely seriously. We're backed all the way up to the board of directors and the CEO to make sure that we've got the empowerment to take swift action. When we've got an event, we know that we can do the things that we need to do in order to protect Stryker's data and assets. And they also invest in us tremendously. We have state of the art tools and we get all kinds of training to make sure that our team knows what to do in the case of an emergency or in the case of a cyber event.” - Thomas B. | Director of Cybersecurity Incident Response | Poland  


2. You can grow with a team  

“I love being an IT project manager (PM). As an IT PM, I'm empowered to lead and orchestrate our project teams to achieve technology delivery excellence, again, meet new people, build and strengthen relationships and collaborate to ensure our project goals are met. I'm also fully supported when projects go at risk to turn them back around. But what I love most about being an IT PM is the opportunity to coach other PMs to see their growth and our results impacting Stryker and our customers.” - Kim K. | IT PMO Director | United States 


3. You’ll help make healthcare better one solution at a time  

“One of my favorite things about being an implementation engineer is the opportunity to solve complex problems and developing creative solutions to I am responsible for bringing technical solutions to life and I take satisfaction in seeing a project go from a concept to reality. There are a lot of projects to work on. No two projects are the same and each project presents new challenges to overcome and opportunities for me to learn and grow. I work with a variety of technologies and stay up to date with new advancements. I also enjoy the fact that I get to collaborate with other team members, including developers, project managers and our clients which can be a fulfilling experience.” Sai N. | Senior Staff Implementation Engineer | United States  

4. You get to work with passionate colleagues 

“When you join our team, you will find a bunch of talented people passionate about what they do and what we do here at Stryker. Also, a community that is happy to share what we know and that will support your growth.” - Nathalie M. | Lead Cybersecurity Analyst | Threat Hunter |Costa Rica 


5. Be your best self in a collaborative culture 

“Stryker has a strong collaborative culture. As an IT support analyst, I work closely with colleagues from different departments and locations to solve problems and gain exposure leading to innovative ideas and solutions. It is also a positive environment to work in. The high spirit atmosphere generated in this workplace makes your day and boosts your energy.  The organization values employee’s development and invests in trainings and career advancement opportunities. I have learnt and grown under the mentorship from my manager and this valuable experience is not just useful in work but also in life.” Jo. F | IT Lead Support Analyst | Singapore 


Ready to join us on our mission to make healthcare better?



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