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5 reasons to join Stryker's Supply Chain team

Updated: Jun 5

Are you ready to step into a role where the standard is always set high? Meet Stryker's supply chain team, this team is a cornerstone in supporting our mission, focusing on aligning our supply sources with future demands. By developing and managing an integrated network of suppliers, you're a part of the engine that drives our organization forward. Your efforts ensure that we deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. 

Here are 5 reasons to join Stryker’s Supply Chain team

1. We make healthcare better, together 

“First and foremost at Stryker procurement we are improving and make positive change to the people lives every day, procuring exceptional quality materials for a fantastic super quality products. I enjoy every minute working with a great procurement professional in Stryker in friendly atmosphere where we can trust and help each other work together, develop together and win together.” - “Tomaz G. | Director, Procurement | Poland 

“We work with ethics and passion to make people life's better, each decision we take, is not only for the business, but for the patients, for the thousands of people that want to keep their lives better relaying in our top edge products.” - Carlos G. | Global Purchasing Manager | Costa Rica  


2. You can play to your strengths with endless opportunities  

What I loved about the role was the wide range of tasks I got to take on and how I got to focus on the ones that aligned with my strengths and for me, that made me love coming to work every day throughout my time in the kit room. I also learnt so much about the business as we were always working together with different departments, including sales, supply chain and customer service.” - Zach H. | Inventory Analyst | Australia 


3. We want you to grow your career with a team that invests in you  

“What I love most about working in procurement at Stryker is that because Stryker is a growth company, we are constantly evolving in procurement, our skills and investing in tools and systems to drive to be a world class supply chain as we're growing, there's always great opportunities for career advancement.” - Dale P. | VP Operations | United States 


4. Bring your true self to work and get involved in our Employee Resource Groups 

“What I enjoy most about being involved with SAFE (Stryker’s Allies for Equality) is the fact that I get to speak to so many different people across the globe. I get to speak to people in Singapore, in the UK, in the Netherlands, all across Europe and all across the United States. Knowing that I had a responsibility to myself to be my true authentic self that I had to be able to come out within the walls of Stryker It's because of SAFE and the people that I've worked with across the globe that I felt comfortable to do so.” - Dice P. | Senior Loaner Specialist | Canada  

5. You’ll work with people who care 

What I like about Stryker is that they really care about people which is hard to believe but this is a really strong value in this company and their flexibility allowing people feel comfortable with their jobs.” - Jeaustin S. | Buyer | Costa Rica  


Ready to join us on our mission to make healthcare better?

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