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4 reasons to join Stryker's manufacturing team

Updated: Apr 5

At Stryker, our manufacturing teams help create products that help improve patient outcomes. Our diverse array of innovative medical technologies, including reconstructive, medical, surgical, neurotechnology and spine products help people lead more active and satisfying lives. 

Here are 4 reasons to join Stryker's manufacturing team

1. We support your personal and professional growth  

“It’s a good company where you can develop as a person. If you put in the work and show effort, you will be supported in your career growth.” – Alejandro R. | Instrument Coordinator | Chile  


“Stryker is a company with a vision. They want you to develop and be happy at work.” -  Alma D. | Manufacturing Supervisor | Mexico  


“My ultimate favorite part of working at Stryker is how it makes me feel. Every time I come in for my shift, I feel grateful, even blessed to be part of such a caring company and community that cares and provides for my wellbeing.” – Isa N. | Manufacturing Assembler | United States 


2. We have dynamic and challenging work  

“I love working at Manufacturing at Stryker because it gives me the opportunity to create progress every day. Within our fast-paced manufacturing environment also small actions of every team member lead to changes and improvements. If there is a challenge, all hands are on deck to provide a solution and deliver results.” – Steffen D. | Manager, Manufacturing | Germany  


3. We hire great people 

“What I think makes Stryker the best in manufacturing is the people and our ability to keeping things personal. At Stryker we don’t see coworkers but our community at work. The people are very eager and open to sharing ideas, while having the flexibility to put ideas into practice. Stryker also provides us the resources for professional growth either through workshops online or trialing new ideas.” – Ryan J. | Manufacturing Section Lead | United States  


“My favorite thing about working at Stryker is the people! I not only get to network with all these different, unique individuals, but being in a leadership role, I am able to support the growth and progression of those I lead both directly and indirectly.” – Ashley D. | Production Team Lead | United States  


4. You’ll do meaningful work 

“Being part of the manufacturing process is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I take great pride in collaborating with the talented individuals on the production line at Stryker and working together to create innovative and high-quality medical technology products.” – Guang C. | Supervisor, Production | China  


Ready to join us on our mission to make healthcare better?

View open roles here.  


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