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5 employees who are engineering better healthcare

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Stryker is dedicated to improving lives, with a passion for researching and developing new products spanning the areas of orthopaedics, medical, surgical, neurotechnology, and beyond. That means that engineering tasks—from developing brand-new concepts to coding complex software—don’t just represent exciting technical challenges, but are also opportunities to help people and improve the quality of healthcare. It's no wonder that Fortune magazine, in association with Great Place to Work, named Stryker number 5 among the 25 World's Best Workplaces.

Meet 5 members from our team who are engineering better healthcare

Bri - Electrical Engineer

Bri works with Stryker’s quality engineers in order to continually improve the quality of the company’s products. She also assists customers by troubleshooting issues in the field.

Melody - Senior Engineer, Robotics Platform Development

Melody collaborates with mechanical, electrical, software, and systems engineers to evaluate coding requirements, design logistics, and test complexities before completing total integrations.

Sandeep - Software Engineer

Sandeep develops embedded software in service of robust, reliable, and safe products—a role that involves frequently collaborating with the Mechanical, Electrical, and Operations Teams.

Anish - Chief Mechanical Engineer

Anish oversees new product development, working with a team that focuses on complex electromechanical systems in order to find innovative ways to make healthcare better.

Kristi - Research & Development Engineering Manager

Kristi manages the Mechanical Team on new product development projects, overseeing the process of putting innovative concepts into action in order to benefit people’s lives.


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