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5 ways Stryker is celebrating interns in 2021

National Intern Day, created by WayUp, is celebrated each year in the United States as a way for employers to recognize their interns. At Stryker, our interns build more than just their resumes – they contribute to the success of our business, and we believe they should be celebrated throughout their internship.

Summer 2021 is truly special for us as we launched our first-ever ‘hybrid’ summer internship program model. We had 225 summer interns across the United States representing 83 universities. Most of our interns (76%) worked remotely, and a smaller portion, following COVID protocols, made an impact from one of 15 Stryker locations across the country. Our largest on-site cohorts interned in our Michigan, Florida, and Utah offices.

Here are 5 ways we are celebrating our interns in 2021

1. Intern welcome box

All of our interns received a Stryker welcome box complete with a Stryker windbreaker, notepad, water bottle, and mask!

2. Virtual events

We held seven virtual events throughout the summer, hosted by business leaders on a variety of topics. We had a special appearance from our Chair and CEO, Kevin Lobo, for a live intern Q&A event.

3. Intern celebration day

We hosted an intern celebration day where our interns got together virtually for a trivia game as well as a national community service event in partnership with the Red Cross.

4. Relationship building

Smaller intern groups were created in order to help foster meaningful relationship building. These groups had an additional 5-7 intern engagement and development events hosted throughout the summer.

5. Weekly pulse surveys

Our University Relations team created and executed a weekly student pulse survey in order to stay close to our interns and to ensure their voices were heard and their needs were being met in a timely manner.


Interested in an internship at Stryker?

We begin recruiting in September 2021 for our summer 2022 internships.

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