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6 career tips from female leaders

March is Women's History Month which is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. At Stryker, we believe that women in the workplace should be celebrated every day. We are committed to encouraging a more inclusive work environment and providing a forum that offers women new opportunities to grow as professionals, leaders and individuals.

We sat down with a few of Stryker's female leaders and asked them to share career advice with women who are considering a career at Stryker.

Here are 6 career tips from female leaders at Stryker

1. Find a female mentor

“Mentorship is a great way to envision and talk through the steps of your desired career development. A female mentor can resonate with perspectives and strengths that are unique to females and help to draw those out for a more engaging and productive work experience. The good news is that Stryker is very supportive of mentorship. There are tools and networks available to help you identify a mentor, and to walk through meaningful mentorship conversations. Also, don’t forget to pay forward your appreciation! Look for other females that are new, working in a different area, interested in your career path, or just thirsty for growth, and consider offering to be a mentor to them!”

- Mary Kay DuBay, Project Manager – Advanced Operations, President of Women in Stryker Engineering (WISE)

2. Create value

“Early on in my Stryker career, my manager told me I would never fail if I always considered what to focus on based on what I can do to create value with my constituents. To this day, if I ever question whether the project I’m working on, slide deck I’m putting together, or meeting I’m planning is worthwhile, I ask myself “how/ what value does this provide to my intended audience?” – this question always immediately helps me refine my focus and make quick decisions on how to create the highest impact.”

- Moriah Royer, Neptune Brand Manager

3. What got you here, won't get you there

“The best career advice I have ever been given is: What got you here, won’t get you there. This is so important and applicable in every stage of your career and upward mobility. Your excellent performance got you to the next big thing, but remember, it will not be what keeps you there or moves you to the next step. You have to continue to evolve and up your game! There’s a book written about this – read it and win!

- Lida Robinson, R&D Manager

4. You don't have to choose between career or family

“I would encourage female applicants to pursue working at Stryker with everything they have because this is a company that makes it possible to be a successful employee, wife, mom and anything else you might want to be. The women I work with at Stryker are impressive, driven, compassionate women who seem to be the definition of “having it all”. I am impressed each day by the women I work with and know that it is no coincidence they are thriving in all areas of their lives.”

- Ashley Hunter, Account Manager – Patient Handling

5. Realize your strengths

“Stryker helps you to realize your strengths and provides opportunities for growth in areas that interest you. This is important because when you know yourself and are working on assignments that stretch you in a unique way, you are positioned for continued professional development!”

- Christina DAnjou, Manager, Knee Product Development

6. Join Stryker

“Stryker is an organization that fully supports their female employees. You can be wildly successful in this company while continuing to work toward your long-term goals - whether those goals are personal, professional, or financial. We have a strong support system for our female workforce at Stryker. There is no shortage of opportunity for growth, mentorship, development, or comradeship. I started at Stryker in 2007. In that time, I’ve gotten married, moved, had two children (awesome maternity leave benefits), moved from sales rep to leadership, and have felt fully supported every step of the way! Join Stryker- it’s THE place for women in healthcare!”

- Errin Boyd, ProCare Regional Manager

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