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6 reasons to join Stryker’s Legal and Compliance team 

The Legal and Compliance team at Stryker is at the forefront of safeguarding our future and steering our global company towards growth, all while managing risk with integrity and accountability. Our legal and compliance teams are not just about understanding and mitigating legal risks; they're about being proactive partners who deliver effective solutions.   

Here are 6 reasons to join our Legal and Compliance team:  

1. Cultivate a responsible business culture

"This role (compliance) enables me to work with other senior leadership members to develop and foster a 'responsible and sustainable business' culture in the industry so Stryker could have a long-lasting reputable and trustworthy presence continuing to devote to the improvement of patient’s care."  

–  Rodger Y. | Compliance Officer | China  

2. Make an impact in healthcare 

“Being a legal or compliance professional in the healthcare space is probably one of the most rewarding roles one can find. At the end, everything that we do has an impact on patients all over the world. In addition, Stryker is one of the most exciting and successful companies in the med-tech space. Working for a growth company like Stryker enables lawyers and compliance professionals to operate at the forefront of key healthcare challenges that have an impact on patients, healthcare professionals, and health systems. In the end, Stryker’s empowering and collaborative culture creates the foundation progressive legal and compliance professionals are likely looking for: the opportunity to strive and contribute to Stryker’s growth as a solution-oriented and included business partner!” 

–  Christian F. | Legal Generalist | Singapore 

3. Career development 

"Stryker provides both flexibility and opportunities in areas of interest to enhance employee career development." 

–  Brandon L. | Intellectual Property Manager | United States 

4. Be part of a collaborative team 

“Working at Stryker means being part of a real team. Here, you'll have access to amazing individuals, always ready to lend a hand, no matter the situation or location. It's an environment that's both secure and inviting, a rarity in many large corporations. At Stryker, work is synonymous with happiness.” 

–  Renata V. | Associate Manager, Legal Council | Brazil 

5. Experience a variety of opportunities 

“On our team, you’ll experience a huge variety of opportunities that make the job different and interesting every single day. And while you own your work and solutions, you’ll be supported by a team of incredibly talented professionals all driving towards a successful outcome for whatever challenge you might face.” 

–  Matthew L. | Division Council, Instruments | United States 

6. Win together 

“It is a rewarding feeling being able to build strong relationships with different stakeholders and colleagues to support them in finding efficient solutions. Achieving a common goal while protecting our company and our employees is the result of sharing knowledge and resources, providing support and feedback, and working towards a shared vision.” 

–  Simona P. | Regional Counsel | Italy 

Explore all our legal and compliance roles here and join our award-winning team today.  



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