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6 reasons to start your sales career as an Associate Sales Representative at Stryker

Updated: Apr 18

Interested in working in the medical device sales world?  Consider joining our team as an Associate Sales Representative (ASR). Stryker’s ASRs play a crucial role in the growth of our business by partnering closely with Sales Representatives. ASRs have the opportunity to dive deep into the medical device industry, learning the ropes while actively contributing to expanding Stryker’s reach.  

Our ASRs work with their team of Sales Representatives to strategically promote and sell our products. As an ASR your days are diverse and dynamic, ranging from attending surgeries in the assigned territory, promoting our innovative products within accounts, managing inventory, and converting customers to Stryker. At Stryker, you're not just there to sell; you're there to build lasting relationships.

Here are 6 reasons to apply for an Associate Sales Representative role:

1.      We’re committed to your professional development

"The willingness of every team member, from sales reps to internal teams, to share knowledge and support each other is remarkable. It's an environment where individual goals are limitless, and commitment is met with boundless opportunities." – Charles J. | Craniomaxillofacial Associate Sales Representative | United States


2.       You don’t need a sales background to thrive

"In Stryker's sales, there's no need for a specific background. We look for good talent and provide opportunities for growth. It's about breaking out of the conventional mold, finding diverse talents, and allowing them to thrive and evolve within the company."  - Cassandra R. | Area Sales Director, Interventional Spine | United States


“I came to Stryker with a background in Property Management. I was a Property Manager for five years. My Stryker hiring Manager did see sales skills and many awards that I had won within that career, but she took a bet on me in regard to my sales skills.”  – Jake G. | Foot & Ankle Sales Representative | United States


“My background prior to Sales was a 12-year career in banking. Banking helped me capitalize on building personal relationships and building trust with customers. Providing a great service to my clients was a special skill I developed that carried over to Stryker.” – David C. | Trauma Sales Representative | United States


 3.      We help set you up for success

“Its great to work at Stryker for so many reasons but to mention just a few, the people and the culture are second to none. Stryker gives you all the tools to succeed, which when combined with colleagues who are not only willing to help but constantly inspire and motivate you leads to a recipe for success.” -  Tom M. | Sales Representative | United Kingdom


“Starting as an ASR at Stryker was incredible for many reasons.  Being able to start my sales career around proven sales professionals, with the culture of a true sales company, and with the tools and resources needed to develop, the sky was the limit if you had the drive to grow and succeed.  While it wasn’t easy, Stryker is engineered to reward performance and the more I developed and exceled the more opportunity I earned.  While I’ve worked in direct sales, marketing, and now sales management, I consistently think back on my days as an ASR more than a decade ago and that experience still factors into my decision making today.” -  Tobin G. | Regional Sales Manager | United Kingdom


4.      You have the opportunity for internal mobility

“I started as an Associate Sales Representative in the Medical Division covering all of South Texas. This role gave me exposure to capital sales and the OR both, and I realized my passion for Orthopaedics and working directly in surgery at that time.  After two years, I transitioned on to our Trauma Sales team and spend most of my days in the OR.” -  Alex R. | Trauma Sales Representative | United States


“I started as an Associate Sales Representative in Stryker’s Craniomaxillofacial Business, before transitioning to my current role as a Foot & Ankle Sales Representative. During my time here, I have grown immensely and truly believe that Stryker does invest in their people and places a lot of emphasis on developing and training their talent.” -  Marin L. | Foot & Ankle Sales Representative | United States


5.      Creating an inclusive work environment is important to us

“Stryker is an incredible organization to work for. The company devotes so many resources to support its employees from health & wellness, DEI programs, and higher education assistance to name just a few. As a sales organization, I don't know of any other MedTech company that demands and celebrates performance quite like Stryker. One of the greatest strengths of the company is the career opportunity it creates. Stryker has such a diverse breadth of opportunity within the organization once you join the team.” – Talon Z. | Foot & Ankle Sales Representative | United States


6.      You might even make life-long friends

“I met Lindsey at my first National Sales Meeting, and we hit it off immediately. Since I’m in San Francisco, and she’s in Atlanta, we’ve always been remote besties. Work is more fun knowing she’s here – we talk a lot about work, but we also connect over so many other things. From her wedding to the birth of my son, we share the most special moments of our lives outside of Stryker. “ -  Candice L. | Regional Sales Manager | United States


Ready to start your career in medical device sales? Apply today.


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