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6 ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month

Updated: Apr 3

At Stryker, we are proud of the work we are doing to promote cultural diversity within our workplace. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated between September 15th and October 15th is a time to appreciate and celebrate the colorful and rich culture, history, and contributions of the Hispanic/Latino community in the United States.

To kick off the month, we asked some of our employees how they plan to celebrate, educate themselves and continue to push for racial equity—both in and outside of work. Here’s what we heard.

1. Join or create a Hispanic employee resource group

If your workplace has an employee resource group, such as Stryker's Hispanic/Latino Network (SOMOS) Consider Joining. SOMOS is made up of employees whose mission is to promote cultural diversity, the professional development of members, and an inclusive environment for all, while celebrating diversity and advocating for the Hispanic/Latino community. As a sign of unity among its members, the group adopted the name SOMOS which means “We are” in Spanish.

If your workplace doesn’t have an employee resource group for Hispanic/Latino employees, Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to work on creating one.

2. Support Hispanic-owned businesses

Supporting Hispanic-owned businesses is an excellent way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Buying directly from Hispanic/Latino owners and entrepreneurs helps close the racial wealth gap, empowers local communities, and creates additional jobs and opportunities.

3. Volunteer or donate

Another great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is to either donate time or money to nonprofits that serve and empower the Hispanic/Latino community. Find a cause that resonates with you and consider giving back.

4. Develop a new skill or hobby

Spend time this month learning about traditional past times originating from Hispanic/Latino culture. There are many resources available online or in local communities to help you hone your crafts.

  • Learn more about traditions and entertainment from Hispanic/Latino cultures. Some examples include hosting a game night to play the Mexican card game Lotería or learning one of the many vibrant Latino dance styles.

  • Enjoy a local restaurant or try a new recipe rooted in these cultures

  • Visit museums specializing in Hispanic/Latino art and history

Remember, one of the most important things you can do when learning, appreciating, and celebrating a culture other than your own, is to educate yourself on their history and hardships. Being respectful of the traditions and practices of culture is essential.

5. Involve your family

Research shows representation matters, especially for kids. Learning about a wide range of cultures encourages kids to have a broader view of the world and empowers them to imagine more possibilities for the future.

Ways to include your family in the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration are:

  • Try a new meal from another culture

  • Have a movie night featuring Hispanic/Latino families

  • Learn about holidays celebrated by Hispanic/Latino communities

6. Continue the celebration

With so much to learn and accomplish, why contain the celebration to just a month? We hope you’ll be able to take items from this list and implement them into your daily lives—and continue to make a difference throughout the year!

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