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6 ways to celebrate Military Appreciation Month

At Stryker, we are committed to hiring military talent, because of the deep and talented pool of candidates. We have been a part of the Veteran Jobs Mission since 2014 and have benefited from hiring and developing veteran talent.

Veterans bring a strong sense of leadership and a broad range of backgrounds to Stryker that enable us to drive innovation. Earning the Military Friendly Employer award is a distinction that speaks to Stryker’s dedication to continuous support for those who have so bravely served in the armed forces.

May is Military Appreciation Month, a time for everyone to show appreciation to those who are serving and have served their country. At Stryker, we are honored to celebrate our service members and veterans now and throughout the year!

Here are some ways you can celebrate our military forces:

1. Join or start a Veteran’s Employee Resource Group 

If your workplace has an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that supports veteran employees, such as Stryker’s Veteran Association, (SVA) now is a great time to consider joining. SVA serves as a network for military/veterans who work at Stryker, provides support to the recruiting of military/veterans as well as a mentorship program, and is a place for military/veteran resources.

If your workplace does not have an employee resource group for veterans, Military Appreciation Month is a great time to work on creating one.  

2. Pay your respects

One of the reasons May was chosen for Military Appreciation Month is Memorial Day, a day dedicated to remembering those who died while serving in the United States military. Take time this month to visit a military cemetery or memorial and honor those who are no longer with us.

Flying the American Flag is a great way to show your support for the military and is also the perfect time to brush up on flag etiquette.

3. Show your support

They say actions speak louder than words, and there are several ways to show your appreciation to the military this month.

  • Whether it’s flying the American flag or wearing a patriotic/military-themed shirt, do it with pride! This shows members of the Armed Forces that you support them and appreciate their sacrifices.

  • Visit military/veteran-owned businesses in your neighborhood and recommend them to your family and friends.

4. Participate in local upcoming events

An exciting way to get involved in the community while supporting our troops is by attending local parades, 5k runs and military appreciation events. Check your local communities for upcoming events! You will be supporting a great cause while making memories with others.

5. Give back to the Veteran community

Whether you feel called to volunteer or donate directly to organizations, finding ways to support military personnel goes a long way in showing your appreciation.

Volunteering can take many forms, ideas include:

  • Visiting local VA hospitals

  • Helping a military spouse while their significant other is deployed

  • Connecting veterans to educational opportunities

Another idea is organizing a drive to collect donations for veterans. You could add a twist and do a themed drive, collecting items to make care boxes for people stationed overseas, items for VA hospitals, and more.

6. Show your gratitude!

One of the greatest ways to show your support for those who are currently serving or have served in the armed forces is to thank them. Maybe you have a service member or veteran neighbor, colleague, or friend. Make time to thank them for their service, a small thank you can go a long way – during Military Appreciation Month and throughout the year!

Other ways to show your appreciation:

  • Sending care packages to those deployed overseas

  • Writing thank you cards

  • Providing a home-cooked meal

If you’re interested in joining another mission that matters, check out our current job openings or  join our talent network.


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