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9 employee resource groups that foster an inclusive workplace

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Stryker has always been committed to building an inclusive, engaging work environment. Our focus is to encourage, value, and leverage differences in people and perspectives to achieve maximum business performance. We see diversity and inclusion as a business imperative aligned with our mission and values.

What are ERGs?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)are voluntary, employee-led groups that act as a resource to both their members and to Stryker. ERGs foster understanding and inclusion in the workplace. These groups provide a means for employees to network, exchange views about managing common business challenges, and continue their professional growth and development. Up to 90% of Fortune 500 companies benefit from ERGs and can take multiple forms - they can be small or large and can exist at one location or be Stryker-wide.

Stryker's ERGs

Stryker's Allies for All Abilities (3A)

Allies for All Abilities (3A) is designed to promote and advance disability inclusion practices within Stryker that spark greater innovation, engagement, and productivity. Our aim is to give employees with disabilities, employees who care for others with disabilities, and allies for disability inclusion a stronger voice and way to provide feedback and advice to Stryker, related to their workplace and employee experience.

Asian Community Empowerment (ACE)

ACE’s mission is to be an employee resource group within Stryker to develop a network of employees that promotes Asian cultural diversity and the professional development of its members, thereby creating a supportive environment for all and contributing to Stryker’s success.

Stryker's African Ancestry Network (SAAN)

SAAN is an employee resource group, formed by Stryker employees who aspire to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion and make Stryker a career destination for Black employees.

Stryker's Allies for Equality (SAFE)

SAFE's mission and purpose is to celebrate diversity, foster an inclusive environment for all employees and bring awareness of the LGBTQ+ community to Stryker through education, community engagement, and attracting and maintaining diverse talent.

Stryker's Emerging Professionals (SEP)

SEP group's mission is to engage, support, and inspire the next generation of Stryker professionals.

Stryker's Hispanic/Latinx Network (SOMOS)

SOMOS is an employee network that promotes cultural diversity, the professional development of members, and an inclusive environment for all. SOMOS celebrates diversity while advocating for the Hispanic/Latinx community.

Stryker's Veterans Association (SVA)

SVA serves as a network for military/veterans who work at Stryker, provides support to the recruiting of military/veterans as well as a mentorship program, and a place for military/veteran resources. Learn more about our military recruitment process.

Stryker's Women's Network (SWN)

SWN offers members new opportunities to create a dynamic and active career at Stryker. SWN's mission is: SWN improves Stryker's results by fostering an open and inclusive culture, developing and retaining talented women, and driving engagement.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

WISE group's mission is to continually improve Stryker for women in engineering. Their vision is to be a global avenue for business growth by promoting an inclusive culture and developing diverse engineering, project, and people leaders. Check out our engineering jobs!


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