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7 reasons to join our Field Service team  

Ready to dive into a role where you’re not tied to a desk? Where you can use your critical thinking skills to solve complex problems? What about a role where you can truly make an impact on making healthcare better? If this sounds like you, you’ll want to explore Field Service roles at Stryker.   


Our Field Service team is always on the move to ensure our customers' medical equipment operates at peak performance. This position demands a knack for tackling challenges and the capacity to build and maintain relationships with customers and sales representatives. In this dynamic role, you'll find yourself troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing our equipment on-site at the customer’s location, all while being part of a team that is driven to improve patient outcomes.   


Here are 7 reasons to join our Field Service team:  


1. You get a dynamic work environment 

“Every day is so different, offering a dynamic experience where having a routine is rare, and being adaptable is key. Field service roles are great for people who thrive on variety and love a challenge.” -  Dylan H. | Sr. Field Service Representative | United States 


2. You get to solve complex problems 

"Working in field service isn't just about fixing equipment; it's about solving problems. If you're someone who can't rest until a problem is solved, this role will keep you engaged." Ellie C. | Field Service Supervisor |United States 


3. You’ll become a part of something bigger  

“Even though I am often working alone, I feel like I am part of something much bigger. We stay connected via text, calls, email or our monthly video conferences. I never believed that old cliché about if you find a job you love your will never work a day in your life…I was wrong. I am excited to go to work each and every day.” –  Richard W. | Sr. Field Service Representative | United States  


4. You can continue to grow and develop  

“At Stryker I am empowered to grow both professionally and personally, I am able to do this by participating in different employee resource groups (ERGs) and mentorship programs.” –  Sneha Elizabeth S. | Advanced Repair Specialist | Canada  


“I’ve been here about 10 years, and Stryker’s culture has kept me hooked. With supportive leaders who believe in me, I’ve found an employer where my career thrives.” – Ellie C. | Field Service Supervisor |United States  


5. Your work improves healthcare 

“My job is more than fixing something; it's about being part of a larger mission to make healthcare better. Each repair, each interaction, is a step towards that goal."  -  Dylan H. | Sr. Field Service Representative | United States 

6. We have a great culture  

“My favorite thing about starting my career at Stryker was the culture and the people. Everyone was so welcoming.” –  Sneha Elizabeth S. | Advanced Repair Specialist | Canada  


7. You contribute your community  

“Every day I get to contribute to the communities all over in my territory that I'm responsible for. The way I get to contribute is by maintaining and servicing Stryker equipment used by emergency medical service providers such as first responders and health care workers. It doesn't feel like a job to me because I really love what I do and it's easy to get up every day and do it. I really feel like I'm making a difference in the health care community.”  –  Michael B. | Field Service Representative | United States  


Interested in our field service roles?

Explore careers with our award-winning team today.  



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