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5 reasons to join Stryker in Ireland

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Life at Stryker in Ireland

Stryker’s presence in Ireland currently includes eight sites which is home to our global Research & Development Innovation Center, European headquarters, and six manufacturing facilities located in Belfast, Limerick, and Cork.

Our Ireland offices at a glance:

  • Location of offices: Belfast, Limerick, and Cork (Anngrove, Innovation Centre, Model Farm Road, Springhill, Tullagreen)

  • Main function: Engineering


Here are 6 reasons why we love our offices in Ireland:

1. 20+ years of growth in Ireland

Our presence in Ireland started in 1998 with a small number of employees in Cork. Today, we manufacture a wide range of products and employ over 3,000 people!

2. Health and wellbeing programs

Every month, we offer health programs focusing on nutrition, movement, the mind, and wellness at work. Every October, we celebrate Wellbeing Week which includes a number of key initiatives including guest speakers, mindfulness sessions, yoga classes, and healthy food samples. Throughout the year we focus on the wellbeing of our employees through initiatives like lunch-time walks, reflexology, sleep seminars, road races, and more!

3. Flexible work hours

Having a balance in your professional and personal life is important for your overall wellbeing and productivity – one way to achieve that balance is through flexible work hours. Stryker’s Chairman and CEO, Kevin Lobo, also shares his 5 tips on how to achieve a healthier work/life balance.

4. Annual celebrations

From Family Day, to Engineers Week, to Bring Your Child to Work Day, and many things in-between, we have many reasons and ways to celebrate. Employees tell us repeatedly that our recognition programs and informal acknowledgements inspire them and build loyalty, commitment and attachment to Stryker.

5. Community events

Here at Stryker, we are dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Throughout the year we host many events that allow our employees to give back. Some of our favorite events include:

  • Daffodil Day - funds were raised to support The Irish Cancer Society.

  • Special Olympics - We've already sponsored two children to attend the Special Olympics as part of our Care to Share program.

  • Ice Cream Day - Ice Cream Fun Day is an event held across the six Irish sites in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland.

  • Pink Day – funds were raised for Breast Cancer Awareness. Activities included sponsored silence, wearing pink to work, cake sales, merchandise sales, a spin-a-thon and more!


Learn more about Stryker's culture in Ireland


Interested in joining our family?

Take a look at our current job openings and apply today!

Céad Mile Failte go Corcaigh! - Wishing you a very warm welcome to Cork! -

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