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7 reasons to love Stryker in Argentina

Updated: Apr 3

Stryker’s Argentinian office is located in Munro, just 10 km north of Buenos Aires. Teams in this location support several of Stryker’s businesses and comprise a variety of functions. Our culture of cross-collaboration allows teams to come together, united in a shared mission to make healthcare better.

Our Buenos Aires office at a glance:

Office address: Ricardo Gutierrez 4080 – Munro – Provincia de Buenos Aires

Main businesses: MedSurg and Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine

Main functions: Sales and Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, Supply Chain, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA), Human Resources, Compliance and Legal

On-site perks: Free on-site parking, collaborative workspaces, adaptable workstations, sun terrace, free coffee and tea, on-site cafeteria and more!

Here are 7 reasons to join our team in Argentina:

1. Employee benefits

At Stryker, we value our people. This is why we offer several benefits to ensure our employees are supported both personally and professionally. Extended employee benefits we offer our employees in Stryker in Argentina include:

  • Healthcare coverage options: We offer multiple medical service options, allowing our employees to select the plan that works best for them.

  • Extra week off: We believe rest and relaxation are key to fostering a healthy and happy work environment. That's why we offer one extra week of vacation per year to each employee.

2. Employee wellness programs

We prioritize our employee’s health and well-being. Therefore, we offer wellness opportunities to encourage our employees to live their healthiest lives. Stryker’s employee wellness programs in Argentina include:

  • Strive for Wellbeing Program: Are you ready to hit your wellness goals? Through our well-being program, employees are equipped with the knowledge to implement and sustain healthy habits and accomplish their personal goals. This program allows you to earn points and prizes as you reach wellness milestones.

  • Employee assistance program (EAP): In addition to partnering with TELUS, we offer an employee assistance program that gives employees access to resources that offer financial, legal, and psychological support.

3. Flexible work options

We believe work can be done productively and effectively in various models. That’s why we offer a hybrid work model for administrative functions at our office in Argentina. This allows our employees to work from home and from the office in accordance with personal and business needs. Learn more about our four flexible work models here.

4. Employee engagement events

By hosting office-wide employee engagement events we encourage our employees to build connections beyond their teams. Whether we are hosting DE&I events, Women’s Empowerment Workshops or Family Day celebrations, we make time for our employees to build long-lasting relationships.

5. Professional development opportunities

At Stryker, we grow talent. By investing in our people, providing helpful resources, and identifying our employees’ key strengths, we are equipped to develop talented professionals who will thrive in their careers at Stryker. We are proud to provide developmental resources such as:

  • Mentorship opportunities: Stryker in Argentina offers mentorship opportunities where employees are encouraged to sharpen their skill sets by connecting with experienced professional colleagues. This gives less-tenured team members the opportunity to learn from leaders’ experiences and more senior employees the ability to practice their leadership skills and extend their reach of influence.

  • Education policy: To promote a culture of continuous growth, Stryker in Argentina has established an education policy that encourages employees to learn a new language and/or pursue higher education.

  • Free online course access: We understand people learn at their own pace. That is why we have given employees free access to one of the most robust online learning platforms - LinkedIn Learning! Employees can take courses to upskill themselves in public speaking, business acumen, leadership and many more hard and soft skills.

6. We celebrate you: A day off on your birthday!

Full-time employees not only get to enjoy the day off on their birthday, but we also provide two additional administrative days off per year, to use as you would like!

7. Recognition program

Our collaborative culture creates an environment of comradery and appreciation among one another. To recognize those that have gone the extra mile we have facilitated methods of appreciation that extend across teams. Methods of recognition could look like a virtual thank you note or nominating outstanding employees and highlighting these employees at office-wide quarterly meetings. These small acts of recognition drive great amounts of joy and appreciation throughout the office.

Fun fact:

One of our favorite inclusion initiatives in Argentina is the Murciélagos program. This

campaign builds awareness for employees with disabilities in sports. The event began with Murciélagos coaches presenting their message of inclusivity. Then, Stryker employees were given the opportunity to learn more about individuals living with disabilities through a question and answer session. The program concluded with a soccer match with employees blindfolded to simulate the experience a blind person experiences on a daily basis. One of our employees shared, “It was an extraordinary experience, and people valued it a lot.”

Interested in joining our team in Argentina?



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