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7 reasons to love Stryker in Chile

Updated: Mar 29

Stryker’s Chilean headquarters is in Santiago de Chile, near the city’s primary business area and medical centers. To provide excellent service to our customers across the country we also have an office branch in the southern region of Concepción, Chile.

Various Stryker businesses can be found in Chile including, Neurovascular, Endoscopy, Medical, Instruments, Spine and Joint Replacement. Teams are largely made up of positions in operations, finance, sales, human resources, compliance, regulatory affairs and quality assurance and marketing who come together to proudly deliver Stryker products throughout the country.

Our Chile offices at a glance:

Office addresses: Avda. Los Conquistadores 2743, Santiago and Victor Lamas St. 177,


Main businesses: Medical and Surgical, Orthopaedics and Spine, Neurotechnology

Main functions: Sales and Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, Supply Chain, Technical Services, RAQA, Human Resources, Compliance and Legal

On-site perks: Rooftop terrace, employee engagement events, fitness membership discounts

Here are 7 reasons to join our team in Chile

1. Our inclusive culture

One of Stryker’s core values is people. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive work environment for all. Stryker in Chile has demonstrated their commitment through the “Sello Iguala,” a voluntary certification of the Chilean Norm 3262 on gender equality and reconciliation of work, family, and personal life. This distinction is directly connected to the Stryker team in Chile's dedication to becoming agents for change and advancing gender equality in the workplace. Stryker in Chile also has two active employee resource groups (ERGs) which include, Stryker’s Hispanic/Latino Network (SOMOS) and Stryker’s Women’s Network (SWN). These ERGs offer employees the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and community by hosting events and promoting employee connection.

2. Employee development opportunities

At Stryker, we grow talent. By investing in our people, providing helpful resources, and identifying our employees’ key strengths, we are equipped to develop talented professionals who will thrive in their careers at Stryker. We are proud to provide developmental resources such as:

  • Individual Development Plan (IDP): This customizable plan is a part of each employee’s annual goals and focuses on the individual’s professional and personal goals they are seeking to accomplish. This empowers employees to take ownership of their development and progress at their own pace.

  • Mentorship opportunities: Stryker in Chile offers formal mentorship opportunities where employees are encouraged to sharpen their skill sets through organized coffee & learn sessions. This gives less-tenured team members the opportunity to learn from leaders’ experiences and more senior employees the ability to practice their leadership skills and extend their reach of influence.

  • Education policy: To promote a culture of continuous growth, Stryker in Chile has established an education policy that encourages employees to learn a new language and/or pursue higher education.

  • Free online course access: We understand people learn at their own pace. That is why we have given employees free access to one of the most robust online learning platforms. Here you can take courses to upskill yourself in public speaking, business acumen, leadership and many more hard and soft skills.

3. Employee wellness programs

We prioritize our employees' health and well-being. In Chile, we believe in “Vive Sano,” which promotes a balanced professional and personal life. Therefore, we offer several wellness opportunities to encourage our employees to live their best lives.

4. Flexible work models

We believe work can be done productively and effectively in various models. That’s why we offer a hybrid work model for administrative functions at our Chile offices. This allows our employees to work from home and from the office in accordance with personal and business needs. Learn more about our four flexible work models here.

5. We celebrate you: A day off on your birthday!

Full-time employees not only get to enjoy the day off on their birthday, but we also provide two additional administrative days off per year to use as you would like!

6. Recognition program

Collaboration is key to many of our teams’ success at Stryker. To show appreciation for the support and camaraderie our employees have for one another, we have developed a structured recognition program. We encourage employees to share virtual well-done cards and nominate their colleagues who have gone the extra mile. These simple acts of appreciation spread joy and acknowledgment throughout the office.

7. Employee engagement events

When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work! At Stryker in Chile, we coordinate employee engagement events to encourage connection. Whether it be quarterly company town halls, Kid’s Day, Yo soy parte (I belong) engagement activities or our annual office party we believe in prioritizing an enjoyable workplace where our people feel connected.

Fun fact!

Through these and many other continuous efforts, we are proud to say we have been named a Best Workplace in Chile by Great Place to Work. Explore all of Stryker’s workplace awards.

Interested joining our team in Chile?

 Check out our current job openings and apply today! 


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