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7 reasons to love Stryker in Türkiye

Updated: 2 hours ago

If you’re looking to find a Stryker location in Türkiye, you’re in luck! Not only do we have an office in Istanbul, but you’ll also find a second location in Ankara. In Istanbul, we've got a spacious office spanning over 5,100 square meters. It's not just an office—it's a hub for a variety of activities. You'll find a warehouse, a training center and teams from across all our different divisions. It's like a bustling little city in itself! 

In Ankara, we're in a central location close to public transportation and major shopping centers. Like our office in Istanbul, our teams in Ankara support various functions from all of Styker’s divisions. 

Our Istanbul office at a glance: 

Office address: Akpınar Mh., Firuze Sk., No:2 – 6/1 

Main business: All divisions represented 

Main functions: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance 

On-site perks: Cafeteria, free coffee and tea, game space, high chairs, collaborative spaces, nap pods and more!  

Our Ankara office at a glance: 

Office address: Mustafa Kemal, 2124. Cd No:13, 06510 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye/1 

Main business: All divisions represented 

Main functions: Sales, Technical Services, Tender Management, Clinical Support, Marketing, Recruitment 

On-site perks: Cafeteria, free coffee and tea, game space and more! 

Here are 7 reasons to join our team in Türkiye:

1. We offer transportation allowances

If you don't have a company car, no worries. We provide transportation allowances along with a shuttle service to make sure you can get to work hassle-free. 

2. We’re passionate about creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

At Stryker, we prioritize equity, diversity and inclusivity. We host summits and seminars and provide education to create a workplace where everyone feels safe and valued and very employee can find a chance to express their ideas and opinions.

3. You own your career

Your growth matters to us. We're here to support your training, development, and professional goals. Expect regular career discussions and opportunities for internal mobility within the company. 

4. We want you to enjoy what you do  

We have what we like to call a “Best Friend at Work (BFAW)” culture. We want you to not only love what you do – but who you do it with. Want to learn more about the benefits of having friends at work? Check out this blog.

5. Financial awards and bonuses

We believe in recognizing hard work. In addition to competitive salaries, we offer attractive anniversary bonuses for our internal employees. Plus, we celebrate life milestones like weddings and the birth/adoption of a child with bonuses.

6. Enjoy your time at the office!

You spend a good amount of your week at work, so have fun while you’re there. We've got PlayStation, darts, table tennis and more for you to unwind and have fun with your colleagues during your breaks.

7. Don’t take our word for it

We think Stryker’s a pretty great place to work and turns out we’re not alone! Stryker has consistently been named a Great Place to Work and a World’s Best Workplace. Learn more about our most recent awards

Interested in joining our team in Türkiye?   

Check out our current job openings and apply today!



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