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7 ways Stryker is celebrating National Intern Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

National Intern Day, created by WayUp, is celebrated each year in the United States as a way for employers to recognize their interns. At Stryker, our interns build more than just their resumes – they contribute to the success of our business, and we believe they should be celebrated throughout their internship. Here are 7 ways we're celebrating National Intern Day!

1. Intern social media takeover

On the days leading up to National Intern Day, and throughout the year, we feature and post about our interns on our corporate social media channels. Be sure to check them out:

2. Company-wide newsletter features

Our corporate newsletter has featured our excitement for National Intern Day for a few weeks now, and we hope to keep up the buzz leading up to the holiday.

3. Professional development workshop

Our University Relations team is hosting a resume review workshop for our interns. At this time, interns can ask our team professional development questions, solicit career advice, and will be offered career wellbeing tactics.

4. Professional headshots

Interns will have the opportunity to take a new headshot for use on LinkedIn and other professional platforms.

5. Intern appreciation

We have partnered with managers and encouraged them to have a personalized celebration with their teams to show their intern appreciation.

6. Raffle giveaway

We asked interns to enter a raffle to win restaurant gift cards. All they had to do was fill out a survey answering simple questions like “why do you love Stryker’s internship program?” and “what makes Stryker’s internship program unique?”.

7. Intern office hours & open-door policy

Leading up to National Intern Day is not the only time we encourage our interns to give us feedback about our internship program. We have an open-door policy with our interns and our University Relations team hosts office hours twice weekly, allowing our interns to let us know what they enjoy as well as how we can improve our program. We appreciate the feedback and care about our interns’ opinions!


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