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5 ways Stryker supports working parents

Updated: Apr 17

Supporting working parents not only makes life easier for them, but also helps boost the productivity and success of the business. At Stryker, we understand that less stressed employees are happier and more productive workers. Here are 6 examples of ways we support our employees throughout their parenting journey across the world.

1. Paid parental leave

We understand that sometimes you need time to dedicate your full attention to your family, particularly when welcoming a new child. That’s why we are proud to offer parental leave for our employees.

2. Partnership with Milk Stork

In the United States, Stryker has a partnership with MilkStork, which is a milk delivery service for nursing mothers who travel as part of their job.

3. Flexible work options

Having a balance in your professional and personal life is important for your overall wellbeing and productivity. That is why for many of our roles, we provide flexible work options such as flextime, telecommuting, and more!

4. Grants for daycare expenses

We want to make sure childcare is never an issue for you or your family; in Germany, one way we help is through grants for daycare and kindergarten expenses for children under 3. In our new Innovation Center, we also have a parent-child room – a combination of workspace and playground so parents can bring their kids to work as needed.

5. On-site perks and amenities

We offer many on-site perks and amenities which vary across our locations such as mother’s rooms for those who are nursing; fitness centers so parents can get a workout in during the day; dry-cleaning services to save you time; biometric screenings so you don’t need to spend time at the doctors; and more!

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