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9 reasons to join Stryker's engineering team

Updated: Jun 7

At Stryker, engineering isn't just a function—it's a call to action to engineer better healthcare solutions. Engineers at Stryker are in the thick of innovation, using cutting-edge technology to tackle real-world challenges head-on. We invite you to join us on a journey of growth and development, supported by an award-winning culture that's committed to your personal and professional development. Whether you're an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, software engineer, manufacturing engineer, quality engineer, process engineer, or stepping into a leadership role as an engineering people manager or project manager, at Stryker, you're not just building a career, you’re making healthcare better. 

Here are 9 reasons to join Stryker's engineering team

1. Our mission

“I’m inspired to do my job because the medical devices that we are designing and manufacturing will help improve patients’ lives across the whole world, and I think that is a great motivating factor to do this sort of work.” – Nuala K. | Sr. Engineer | Ireland  


What I love the most, is the opportunity I have to directly impact in a positive way other people's lives. To know that our products will improve their quality of life. -  Jose C. | Engineering Operations and Services, Associate Manager | Costa Rica  

2. We support your career development 

I chose to work at Stryker because I recognized the opportunities it offers for professional growth and development. What particularly appealed to me was the chance to continue pursuing my studies while working here. Stryker's commitment to ongoing education and support for employee development aligns perfectly with my own aspirations to expand my

knowledge and skills. – Yendri O. | Product Development Engineer | Costa Rica  

One of the most impactful ways I have supported my career development at Stryker is through mentorship. My mentors at Stryker are experienced engineers and leaders who have provided me with guidance on my career and how I can maximize my strengths in my current role. -  Sahiti S. | Senior Project Engineer | United States  


3. We value diverse perspectives  

I really enjoy working in a multicultural environment, and what truly amazes me is that the differences among teams are viewed as strengths rather than barriers. -  David R. | Engineering Operations and Services, Sr. Manager | Costa Rica  


“I love being a manufacturing engineer at Stryker because I get to solve problems with a diverse team with different experiences. I also love that everyday presents new challenges being in the heart of producing products that change people’s lives every day.” -  Eric R. | Sr. Manufacturing Engineer | United States 


4. Our people  

One of the things I like best about Stryker is the value: "People." Stryker always seeks to recognize and reward your effort and constant dedication. They are serious about listening to you and making you feel part of the team. – Ana Laura A. | Sr. Process Engineer | Mexico  


“I get to work with people that are willing to help figure out any obstacle that arises. They welcomed me with open arms and have let me become part of their team. They have answered the questions I have and have directed me to the right person if they didn’t know. Everyone is friendly and helpful.” – Eduardo A. | Processing Engineer | United States  

“The first and best thing we have experienced in Stryker was the team spirit: you never feel that you are alone, and you can feel that the team is close to you to support you in every step or as soon as you raise a question. The EUMDR GQO team works in a trusting and friendly atmosphere- we all play a part to ensure the patient's safety and compliance to regulatory compliance.” - Aurore C., Astrid D., Aurelie C., Athalie B. | Senior Engineers, Quality EUMDR| France 


 5. We value your unique strengths 

What I enjoy most about working for Stryker is having the opportunity to shine and supporting others. We all shine when we are given the freedom and support to work on what we love doing.  This is also where we find our unique talents. - Alan O. | Processing Engineer | Ireland  


As soon as I joined Stryker, I got an opportunity to go through certain assessments that helped me understand my key strengths and weaknesses. Knowing my key strengths and weaknesses and building development plans around them really helped me reach best of my potential in whatever initiatives I took as well as professionally.” -  Yesha G. | Manager, Research and Development | India 


6. We have a lot to offer 

“Stryker has created a positive environment, provided all necessary tools, and attracted great talents to invent, make, and sell innovative products that make a different in people’s life everyday!” – Zane S. | Electircal Engineer | United States 


7. Innovation is in our DNA  

“I think Stryker is a great place for engineers to work because of how innovative and cutting edge our products are.  The more tenured engineers are always willing to provide insight and dive into the true engineering behind what we are developing. It’s a place of learning and growing while always keeping patient/healthcare provider as the priority.” – Brea O. | Sr.  Mechanical Engineer | United States 


8. You’re exposed to diversity of products  

“I started at Stryker right out of college with the RISE engineering rotational program. Through the program I was able to rotate through different business units and engineering functions and grew to appreciate the diversity of projects and healthcare solutions our engineers focus on across the company. No matter which business unit or team I was working on, there was a shared excitement in creating medical devices and solutions that help make healthcare better.” -  Taylor H. | Sr. Design Engineer | United States  


9. We want you to be your authentic self  

“Working at Stryker is a joy because it allows me to my authentic self and truly feel appreciated.”  - Libin P. | Senior Quality Engineer | Ireland 


Ready to engineer better healthcare with us?

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