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A few words from a growing biomedical engineer at Stryker

Updated: 7 days ago

We sat down with Ailon, an R&D Engineer, to learn more about her experience as a female engineer at Stryker.

Why did you choose to work at Stryker?

Designing and innovating medical devices for the advancement of healthcare worldwide has been one of my interests for a long time, ever since my first trip to Ethiopia in 2006 when I saw the huge need and potential within the medical field. At Stryker, I can use the broad set of skills I gained in college and grad school to design and develop medical devices with like-minded colleagues while collaborating first-hand with surgeons to ultimately improve healthcare around the world.

What do you love about working at Stryker?

My team at Stryker has been incredible. I love being able to work with leading engineers and designers, especially with a manager who encourages innovation and is an amazing role model. I enjoy brainstorming sessions with my team where we can bounce ideas off each other and tackle challenging problems with creative solutions.

What has been your career path at Stryker?

In my role as a New Product Development Engineer, I am able to use my technical skills and get more in-depth experience with additive manufacturing, while interacting with colleagues in various departments within Stryker and external stakeholders. I am also thankful for the leadership opportunities I have been involved in the Spine Division as the IP Liaison for my team as well as the Co-leader of our SWN Community Service Sub-Committee and our Operation Smile Ambassador Spine team.

Why do you remain at Stryker?

I am thankful to work at a global company that highly values patients, customers, and people of different backgrounds while providing numerous opportunities for growth and learning. Bringing innovative products to the market and improving people's lives all around the world excites me. As a first-generation Ethiopian American and a female engineer at Stryker, I am eager to continue making an impact in the global healthcare field and to empower others to do the same!


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