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Advice from Stryker’s summer interns

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

We reached out to interns at Stryker to find out what advice they have for current students who are looking for an internship opportunity. Here are 5 pieces of advice from Stryker’s summer interns.

1. Don’t be afraid of rejection

The first time Ash applied for an internship at Stryker, she wasn’t accepted. Rather than letting the initial rejection derail her interest in Stryker, she applied again the following summer and was accepted!

“It’s no surprise that the intern experience Stryker has to offer is extraordinary. And so, I encourage you to not be afraid of a set-back but instead, look it in the eye. After all, rejection leads to growth. And now that I’m here, Stryker has me growing faster than ever.” – Ash, Process Quality Engineering Intern | Texas A&M University

2. Be yourself

“The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming Interns at Stryker is to put yourself out there during the first week and to just be yourself. Share interesting stories during lunch outings, get to know your advisor, and just enjoy the process.” – Marco, Demand Planning Intern | Texas A&M University

3. Build relationships outside of your immediate coworkers

“While there is no doubt you will grow incredibly close to your intern cohort by the end of your internship, the summer is also about pushing yourself to build relationships outside of your immediate coworkers. An offsite is the perfect forum to meet and get to know those you normally may not have interacted with. As you continue to experience Stryker and your internship function this can be extremely beneficial towards building your internal network.” – Jared, Global Marketing Intern | William & Mary School of Business

4. Focus on your strengths

“It is wonderful to work in an environment where strengths are emphasized and valued. There is no shame, shyness, or boastfulness in focusing on what you’re good at here at Stryker. Stryker recognizes that when people build upon what they’re best at and can be proud of their skills, those strengths flourish and an exponential amount of work can be accomplished.” – Shannon, Surgical Product Engineering Intern | Trine University

5. Attend intern events

At the beginning of this summer, I convinced myself that I would become a “yes-man” throughout this internship, meaning, I would go to every single event with interns that I could outside of work. So far, it’s paid off because I’ve experienced Taco Tuesdays at a local restaurant, hiked the Al Sabo trail, spent a full day thrift-shopping and watching movies with new friends, golfed with two other interns and the list keeps growing! In addition, we have a South Haven beach day, a trip to Canada and a trip to Cedar Point in the works.” – Kevin, Financial Planning & Analysis Intern | University of Indiana


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