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Advice from Stryker’s summer interns

Updated: Apr 12

Curious how you can make the most out of your internship at Stryker? We asked Stryker interns what advice they’d give the next intern class. Check out their top tips below!

1. Ask questions

Marjorie was introduced to Stryker about 6 years before her internship when she was in a skiing accident. The accident left her with 6 broken facial bones, Stryker’s products were instrumental in her healing. Since the accident, she has had a personal tie to Stryker and a desire to work within the medical technology industry. Her piece of advice to incoming interns is:

“Ask questions! Set up time with your managers or other teammates one-on-one to learn something new or gain a deeper understanding.” -Marjorie W.| Marketing Intern | University of Alabama at Birmingham

Why Stryker? Akash is motivated by his desire to be involved in work that directly impacts the lives of others in a positive way. This combined with his passion for engineering led him to the medical technology industry. Stryker provided an internship opportunity that blended his passions and fosters a company culture that stood apart from the rest. His advice for incoming interns is:

“Ask as many questions as possible. The culture at Stryker nurtures learning and personal growth. Asking questions sooner will lead to a more productive summer.” -Akash L. | Mechanical Design Intern | Purdue University

Skyla learned about Stryker through her previous experience as an inventory manager at a hospital in Michigan. In her prior role, she frequently received Stryker products, interacted with Stryker’s sales representatives and quickly came to know Stryker’s reputation for high-quality products. When she saw that Stryker offered internship opportunities, she quickly applied. Skyla’s words of wisdom include:

“Do not be afraid to ask questions and be curious! This is the time to learn and grow and build a good foundation. Take advantage of this time in your career to be a sponge.” -Skyla B. | Internal Employee Communications | IGR-IAE Rennes

2. Build your professional network

Raelin attended a campus recruitment event at her university and was drawn to Stryker because of the intern clinical experiences and professional opportunities that Stryker’s team highlighted at the campus event. She also learned about the company culture and Stryker’s supportive environment and knew the sales internship was the perfect match for her. Raelin’s piece of advice for an intern is:

“Prioritize building your network. I have been able to build and foster so many relationships during the internship. From sales representatives to hospital staff, and of course doctors, I have been able to gain new insights and knowledge because of my ability to network with numerous individuals.” -Raelin D. | Trauma Sales Intern | Florida State University

3. Learn as much as you can

Chad was born and raised in Michigan where he practiced chiropractic for almost 20 years before deciding to switch career paths. He’s had many friends work for Stryker over the years and heard that Stryker’s culture made it one of the best companies to work for. When Chad decided to move and make a career pivot to cyber security, he knew Stryker was the place to be. His advice for interns is:

“Give it all you have. Dive in and learn as much as possible. Ask questions and learn from the professionals you are around. Seek out other professionals in the department/s you might be interested in. Everyone is so willing to talk to you and lend some advice. Make the most of your time here, and truly see what sets Stryker apart from other organizations.” -Chad S.| Cyber Security Intern | Southern New Hampshire University

Abby is a Michigan local and has family friends that work at Stryker. Through her networking

efforts, she developed a professional relationship with Stryker employees and decided to pursue an internship at Stryker. Abby’s advice to incoming interns is:

Challenge yourself to learn a lot and meet many people during your time at Stryker, these connections and lessons are super valuable! Do not be afraid to take risks, try new things, and make mistakes. Get comfortable with asking for help and receiving feedback, as it is the quickest way to grow!– Abby L. | Healthcare Systems Marketing Intern | Purdue University

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