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Careers Q&A: Veterans

Updated: Jan 8

Stryker truly appreciates the values, leadership, and teamwork veterans bring to the organization. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we’ll be answering frequently asked questions by active military and veteran candidates. We sat down with Jacqueline Jarl, Military Recruiting Program Manager at Stryker, and asked her career-focused questions asked by veterans.

1. Is there a separate application process for veterans?

No, we do not have a separate application process for veterans. All candidates go through the same application process. We do, however, have resources on our military recruitment page that will allow veteran candidates to put their best foot forward.

2. How can someone get connected to a recruiter regarding jobs in a specific city or location?

Military candidates can reach out to Stryker’s military recruiting team by emailing militaryrecruiting@stryker.com

3. What’s your best advice for someone in active duty getting ready for civilian life, or, for a veteran who wants to get noticed by Stryker?

Regardless of whether you are transitioning or a veteran with industry experience looking for a role at Stryker, you should be proactive (Linkedin, alumni network, etc.) in connecting with Stryker’s current veteran employees. This not only gives you the opportunity to have a touchpoint inside Stryker but increases your chances of getting an employee referral. I would highly recommend all military candidates to do that.

If you’re interested in joining another mission that matters, check out our current job openings! or visit our Veteran Talent Portal!

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