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Embracing purpose and growth: 4 insights from Yin Becker, VP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Stryker

In the dynamic landscape of professional growth, finding inspiration from seasoned leaders can inspire others’ path to success. We had the opportunity to connect with Yin Becker, Vice President, and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Stryker, whose journey exemplifies purpose, humility, and a passion to make a difference. 

For more than 35 years, Yin has been a guiding force, shaping corporate strategies, fostering connections and driving impactful change at Stryker. In her current role, she spearheads corporate affairs initiatives, including company-level communications, marketing, public relations and corporate responsibility strategies that grow and strengthen our reputation and position as a global medical technology leader. 


So, what valuable wisdom does Yin have to offer? Let's delve into her insights: 


1. Listen to advice you receive early in your career 

When reflecting on her early career, Yin shared three pieces of advice that she received that still resonate with her today.  

  • Find a career that aligns with your purpose and passion. 

  • Raise your hand – new experiences take you out of your comfort zone and accelerate your growth.  

  • Speak up, your opinion matters! 

Throughout her career, she has taken these tips with her and believes in the importance of each for personal and professional growth.  

2. Be a leader regardless of title 

When talking about leadership, Yin emphasized that true leadership extends beyond titles. "The privilege to lead is more important than the title," she shared. Leadership credibility is earned through consistent adherence to values, accountability for results and genuine care for others. Yin lifts up others by encouraging courageous dialogue, listening to new ideas and learning from diverse opinions. Embrace opportunities that seem challenging.

Reflecting on pivotal moments in her leadership journey, Yin highlighted her experience supporting the integration of two major companies. Despite the challenges, the endeavor broadened her global perspective, honed her change leadership skills and reinforced the importance of fostering interconnectedness within the organization.  

3. Start with empathy and respect 

Yin’s final insight for aspiring leaders is to underscore the power of empathy and respect in fostering meaningful connections. "People will always remember how you make them feel," she reminded us. Treating everyone with kindness, compassion and respect lays the foundation for authentic leadership and sustainable success. 


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