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From a patient to a sales rep

Alex Weaver was a Division I goalkeeper throughout her collegiate career and suffered a fractured scaphoid bone due to the force of a soccer ball. When Alex suffered this career-ending injury and underwent a series of wrist surgeries, she felt as though the athletic career and path in life, that were once so clear, had been taken from her. Confused and devastated about her injury, Alex became a patient at a hospital for special surgery in Manhattan.

What she did not realize at the time was that her experience as a patient gave her a glimpse into the importance of the quality of service and the passion people have for patient success. After her injuries and throughout her recovery, Alex became more and more confident in her future thanks to the people that assured her she was in good hands. Now, as an Associate Sales Representative at Stryker, Alex can do the same for others.

Alex is an Associate Sales Representative (ASR) working in Brooklyn, New York within Stryker’s Foot and Ankle Division. Alex says her team members are integral to her success as an ASR, and the skills she learned from soccer have come to play in her time at Stryker: “Being in a team environment my whole life, I value the idea of a team. It is encouraging that we work as a team and share success and root for each other.” Whenever Alex needs help, she knows her teammates will lend a hand no matter the inconvenience, and whenever she is stressed by work, she knows a smile and encouragement from her manager will push her to succeed.

When asked why she remains at Stryker, Alex says “the Stryker name speaks for itself and has the reputation for being the best in the space.”

From training sessions, the meetings with her manager, to speaking everyday with the other representatives she works alongside, she is continuously placed in a position for success and exclaims “why would I ever want to leave?”.

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