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From helicopter paramedic to territory manager

Updated: Jan 8

Territory Managers at Stryker are responsible for sales and customer support in a designated territory. New to the Stryker team, Ryan S. talks about his transition to a Territory Manager role after 20 years with NSW Ambulance.

Why did you choose Stryker?

"I previously worked as a Helicopter Critical Care Paramedic and Team Leader (Station Officer) with NSW Ambulance, where I received exceptional training and experience, and used Stryker products throughout my role. While completing my MBA, I developed an interest in external organisations that help healthcare workers and organisations like NSW Ambulance.

Stryker approached me during this time to discuss a Territory Manager role that would allow me to continue using my skills and knowledge to improve patient experiences. The opportunity, combined with Stryker’s long history and ongoing success, led me to conclude it was the perfect next step for my career and personal development."

What do you love about your Stryker team?

"The onboarding at Stryker has been tremendous and I have been integrated into a solid team that already feels very much like family. I am still a ‘new guy’, but I have already established a professional network within Stryker that is invaluable as I develop in my new role.

I have joined a team of high achievers who are extremely collaborative and supportive, and readily provide assistance and advice as I face the challenges of being in a new role."

What are some challenges you face in your role?

"After a long career as a paramedic with a large public-sector agency, my new role with Stryker has presented vastly different challenges. Although paramedics become adept at contingency planning, quick thinking and reacting to changing situations, my role with Stryker requires me to plan and prioritise over significantly longer time frames. Strategic thinking and analysis of situations are applied in very different ways to my previous role and communicating with health professionals I regularly engaged within my previous position now occurs in a completely different context.

Having a supportive team by my side has helped me navigate these challenges."

Why do you remain at Stryker?

"As a manager, I have long understood the importance of organisational culture and positive organisational behaviour. Stryker’s achievements as an employer and Great Place to Work eased some of the difficulty for me in reaching a decision to move on from a job that I had loved for over 20 years. As I considered the opportunity and began to appreciate the Stryker culture, I knew it would be a good fit.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided to me by NSW Ambulance and am looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I acquired to help Stryker continue to make healthcare better."

Interested in joining our team?

We’re always on the lookout for territory managers. Check out our job opportunities and apply today!

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