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From shoe racks to medical kits and recruitment

Updated: Jan 11

Jason was working in retail, selling high-end designer shoes before he decided to look for a career where he could grow and develop the way he wanted. He had years of experience managing stock and thought he could learn the ins-and-outs of logistics and supply chain.

After interviewing at Stryker for a kit assembly role, Jason was offered a different position, one in supply chain. According to Jason, his mentors at Stryker saw potential skills in him that he didn’t even know he had. But their support and mentorship, along with training on the medical technology industry, provided him with all the skills he needed to succeed. He learned everything about managing inventory, warehouse theory, lean processing and process improvements.

“What was probably the most exciting and surprising for me was the training and development I have received and the opportunities to advance within the organisation,” said Jason.

Within 18 months of joining Stryker, Jason won the Operations Outstanding Employee of the Year Award, then went on to lead the biggest warehouse in Australia. Today, he is a Senior Recruitment Partner, closing the loop by helping candidates find a role that is the perfect fit for their talents.

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