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From the soccer field to the operating theatre

Updated: Jan 11

When former professional soccer player Amy Chapman was looking for the next step in her professional career, she found her perfect job in the least expected place: the medical technology industry.

Amy Chapman is a former professional soccer player for the Australian women's team, the Matildas. For her it was always clear that as a professional athlete she needed to think about her career options after soccer.

“One of my friends who I played soccer with, worked in medical devices,” said Amy. “She was telling me about what she did for a living. And I remember just sitting there looking at her thinking that it was the coolest thing I've ever heard.”

Amy joined Stryker in 2014 and today is a Territory Manager, running education and training programs on Stryker products. Amy has found a new passion at Stryker and her day-to-day includes being present in the operating theatre to assist surgeons and theatre staff on the use and application of Stryker products, and provides technical expertise to registrars, nurses and other personnel.

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