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How to ace your next interview: Tips from Stryker's recruiters

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Going through an interview process can be challenging, so get ahead of the competition with the right preparation. Here are some insights on how to excel at an interview with us from our very own recruiters.


“When preparing for an interview, always identify in advance all examples which can highlight your ability to solve problems and think outside the box. My tip however is in the preparation, people just think about the examples they will talk about but they don’t actually practice by verbalizing the answer out loud. Very often when we go into the example it doesn’t come out as clear as it did in our head. In an interview, unless you have practiced your examples out loud it can often lack the impact you thought it would have."

Eileen HR Recruiting Specialist Ireland


“Give us an honest and detailed overview about yourself in your application. What’s driving your motivation for Stryker and how do you fit with our company? The more information we have about you, the easier it will be to find the perfect match for you within Stryker. Be self-confident and be yourself! Also, once invited to an on-site interview, you’re almost there and that means you are an outstanding candidate for Stryker."

Torben Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Germany


“In the interview, focus on telling us about your achievements rather than just skills. This is a great way to make you stand out and it gives us a deeper insight into your capabilities and talents!”

Sara Talent Acquisition Specialist Germany


"My number one tip would be to do your homework and come prepared for the interview. Visit our careers site to find out more about our culture and offerings, research the role you're applying for and find out who you will be meeting with prior to the interview - all these things will give you an edge."

Jean-Baptiste Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist The Netherlands


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