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How to succeed as a medical device sales rep

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Melanie Alexander is a Sales Representative for Stryker’s Endoscopy & Sports Medicine division for the Greater Hamilton area in Canada. A graduate from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Life Sciences degree and a degree in Marketing, Melanie has been with Stryker for more than 13 years. She is known among her peers for winning employee prizes during her time in the role and has graciously offered her advice on how to succeed in a sales role at Stryker.

Here are 4 tips for anyone interested in working in sales

1. Performance overtime is key

Own your career and put the time in to earn each promotion, achieve each goal, and form each relationship. Melanie started at Stryker in 2008 in Operations, and 11 years later is proud to say she is a Sales Representative for Stryker’s Endoscopy division.

2. Make your own opportunities and don't give up

Melanie had quite the journey to sales, and it took several attempts to get there. Through her focus and determination and ‘never give up’ attitude, she landed her coveted sales role despite some previous rejections.

3. Collaborate with your peers

Melanie leans on her Endoscopy sales team for support but also reaches out cross-divisionally to Stryker’s Instruments and Orthopedics sales teams in her territory for help. Having these relationships is directly linked to her success in her role.

4. Understand that challenges are inevitable

Sales roles at Stryker are highly rewarded and extremely sought-out roles. However, with high reward comes great challenges. It is no secret that sales representatives face pressure through the year but especially during year-end as they need to meet their sales quotas. Melanie does not mind the pressure as it actually motivates her to achieve her sales quota well before year-end.

If people go for a role and don’t get it, they may get discouraged and think ‘is this even for me?’ but they shouldn’t. Maybe there was someone better fit for that role—that does not mean you can’t sell. Don’t wait for people to come to you—put yourself out there and own your brand.”


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