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Join a game-changing program at Stryker

Stryker is looking for talented people to support a multi-year transformation program called Accelerate.

This program focuses on deploying new technology, common processes, and change management to simplify our customer experience, provide the tools for employees to do their best, and provide a platform for growth. Accelerate will make an incredible impact on the organization by allowing Stryker to more easily integrate acquired businesses and improve decision making.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a truly game-changing effort for the entire organization.

5 reasons to join Accelerate

  1. Exposure – you will work with multiple businesses, leadership, and subject matter experts offering you great exposure across the organization.

  2. Get to know Stryker – you will have a rare opportunity to get an understanding of many of Stryker’s businesses and the systems that connect them.

  3. Make an impact – you will contribute to a program that will transform and build the future of Stryker.

  4. Professional development – a once-in-a-career opportunity to build a skill set that will be invaluable to the business for years to come.

  5. Build your network – you will create connections with other teams and divisions, building your personal and professional network.

Who we are looking for

  • Detail-oriented process improvers. Critical thinkers who naturally see opportunities to develop and optimize work processes – finding ways to simplify, standardize and automate.  

  • Insightful advisors. Managers who lead strategy development and provide guidance to teams. 

  • Self-directed initiators. People who take ownership of their work and drive productivity, change, and outcomes.  

  • Collaborative partners. People who build and leverage cross-functional relationships to bring together ideas, data, and insights to drive continuous improvement.  

  • Dedicated achievers. People who thrive in a fast-paced environment and will stop at nothing to ensure a project is complete, compliant, and delivers value.

  • Change advocates. People who understand the future, how it impacts them, and how to embrace it.


Interested in being a part of this game-changing opportunity for Stryker?

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our current job openings and apply today!


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