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Meet Stefanie, Senior Finance Manager

Updated: Feb 24

While interning at a local hospital in Germany, Stefanie met a few Stryker interns and was impressed by what she heard from them about Stryker. Shortly after, she decided to join our team - that was over 11 years ago! Today, Stefanie is based at our European Financial Shared Service Center in Amsterdam and she still believes everything she heard to be true. We sat down with Stefanie to learn more about her decade of experience here at Stryker.

Did you always know finance was for you?

Growing up I always wanted to be a lawyer! Then when it came time to further my education, I ended up studying the unlikely combination of finance and engineering. While it was fun studying bookkeeping and learning how to draw 3D diagrams, I eventually decided to focus on finance as I was more drawn to it being analytical and number driven by nature.

What has 11 years at Stryker been like?

It’s been an exciting rollercoaster! I’ve always had the need to be challenged and I have that here. I’ve grown so much, and my career has progressed by leaps and bounds. I’ve transitioned through various roles – each with growing responsibilities, had the opportunity to travel, and now I’m leading my own team who is responsible for accounting quality and integrations. Who knows what’s next?

What do you love most about having a career in finance at Stryker?

I really enjoy that Stryker is a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. Finance is usually not viewed as very attractive but here, there are so many opportunities to change the game and raise the benchmark which equals efficient, time-saving, value-added work. I know that I can make a difference at Stryker and that is very appealing. Also, the Financial Shared Service Center in Amsterdam is still growing, and coupled with our Shared Service hub in Costa Rica which serves the Americas regions, we’re always searching for new ways to further innovate, meaning the opportunities for career growth are immense.

What does work-life balance look like for you?

In a word, flexibility. It really feels like I have it all sometimes – I work hard, play hard and I’m able to juggle it all because I have the flexibility to plan my day my way. Whether it’s starting a little later to accommodate my gym routine in the morning before heading to the office or working from home if I have to manage some private commitments.

What is life like outside of Stryker?

I’m at my happiest when I’m on my bike – it’s absolute freedom, stillness, and quality time with myself. I’ve had one for years and can’t imagine life without it. When I’m not on my bike, I travel every chance I get – from Curacao to Australia and everywhere in between!

Do you have advice for individuals looking to start or develop their finance careers at Stryker?

Stryker offers lots of opportunities and it’s a great place to start, continue, and grow. It isn’t just a job, Stryker is a company that will invest in you and your career so it’s important that Stryker is a good fit for you and vice versa.

Learn more about growing your finance and accounting career with us! #WeAreStryker #womeninfinance

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