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Meet Stryker's 2019 Boston Marathon team

Updated: Jan 11

Stryker is a proud medical contributor of the Boston Marathon, supporting the world’s oldest annual marathon and one of the most prestigious road racing events. Our Emergency Care and Acute Care business units within our Medical division will be loaning products on race day. Because of this, Stryker has received a few registered bibs for the marathon and we have awarded them to our amazing employees.

Meet Stryker's 2019 Boston Marathon team and learn about why they are running this year.

Aaron Sunderlage | Running to inspire others to live healthier lives

Aaron Sunderlage is a product engineer at Sage, maintaining and creating product specifications for continuous product improvement. He is running Boston to show people that it’s never too late to make positive health choices.

Aaron was a smoker when he was younger and decided to quit cold turkey about nine years ago. At that time, he thought it was too late for him to compete in long distance running because of his age and poor health choices. Over the years, he has worked hard to get back to good health. He started running 5Ks, finishing first in his age group. He also ran the Ragnar, a 216-mile relay race, and finished multiple mud runs. He is using the opportunity to run Boston to inspire other people to never give up on their health, no matter how old or what condition they may be in.

Anne Wilson | Running for her father

Anne Wilson is a sales representative in the Chicago Proper territory for the Sustainability Solutions division. She has been at Stryker for over three years and previously worked in Boston for our Navigation business, supporting the New England territory. Working at Stryker was a dream that became reality for her. She says her life was forever changed working with world-renowned surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital alongside our reps, witnessing life-changing medicine. Running has allowed her to achieve balance and discipline and has had a positive impact on her life.

Her main motivation behind wanting to run 26.2 miles in Boston is for, and in honor of, her father, who was twice diagnosed with cancer in 2018. She never thought after seeing countless patients within oncology cases while in Boston that her father would be one of them. He has survived to tell his story and after the struggle and survival she witnessed, she was inspired by his strength to try and run the Boston Marathon this year.

She is looking forward to revisiting the streets, friends and a place that still has a piece of her heart, while representing our company that has made healthcare better for millions of people.

Becky Jegier | Running to fulfill her dream

Becky joined Stryker's family almost four years ago after her HR internship the previous summer. She is currently working as a Sr. HR Specialist in our Communications business in Texas. Running Boston has been a dream of hers since she started running competitively about six years ago. She has run four full marathons (Austin, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Disney), multiple half marathons, and countless 5Ks – while these experiences have been challenging and rewarding, Becky has always thought that nothing could beat the opportunity to run among top athletes in one of the most prestigious road races in the world. This year she will get that chance! Running is her passion – not only because it is healthy, but also because it is a sport that brings people together.

Jeff Stull | Running for his son

Jeff Stull wants to run Boston for Stryker and his son. Four years ago, his youngest son had to have an emergency craniotomy. It was one of the worst days of his life, being faced with having to make decisions about brain surgery for his 10-year-old and entrusting him to the professionals. Stryker was with Jeff and his family throughout the experience. From the urgent care walk-in, to the ER, into surgery and then to the pediatric intensive care unit, through his entire recovery, his son was cared for and transported each step of the way on our equipment. His surgeon used our cutting tools, plates and screws. The surgical team was supported by our sales, marketing and medical education teams.

His son has fully recovered, and Jeff knows that it is due to a lot of great people providing great equipment and care. Jeff has a passion for running and views Boston as the ultimate event. He is so proud of what our company does and is honored to carry our flag through the Boston Marathon.

Jeff is currently a marathon team leader for Kalamazoo’s Borgess Run Camp and completed his 10th marathon last October in Chicago. He is also currently targeting Bayshore and Chicago marathons this year, along with a 50-mile ultra-trail race.

Jim Stark | Running to represent our mission

Jim Stark is proud to have had the opportunity to work for Stryker for over 30 years in roles both in Kalamazoo and in Europe. Currently, he is the ERP master data governance lead in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has been a Stryker employee for his entire career, since he was hired upon graduation from Michigan State University. His marathon career started back in 1997, and he has run 14 full marathons in the United States and Europe, and one ultra (50 miles).

His most memorable full marathon took place in 2003 when he went to Greece and ran the “original” marathon course that was used in the 2004 Olympics. It started in Marathon and finished in the Olympic Stadium in Athens. As a marathon runner, the only race that he ever imagined topping this experience would be to run Boston. Jim feels honored and privileged to represent our company and mission by running in the Boston Marathon.

Kevin Veenstra | Running to test the limits

Kevin is Manager of Strategic & Government Accounts for Emergency Care. Kevin has been running for over 10 years and has competed in Spartan obstacle course racing for the last five years. He continues to push himself for longer, more challenging endurance and fitness events. He thinks it is interesting to learn how your body responds to long and tough training sessions or races. It is mentally challenging for sure but why settle? He enjoys the harder challenges to test the limits.

He coaches youth sports – football, basketball and baseball, and tries to set good fitness and conditioning examples for his teams. Some kids think running or conditioning is hard but they are surprised when they actually are successful. Kevin instills and sets examples of mental toughness when coaching to help them surpass the individual and team goals.

He ran the Boston Marathon last year in cold, wind and heavy rain conditions. He is looking forward to better weather this year to improve his finishing time while enjoying the supportive and fun fans along the race route.

Kristen Gipson | Running to stay healthy

Kristen is ecstatic to have the chance to complete her 2nd World Major Marathon in Boston. She ran the Chicago Marathon and swore that she would only ever run one marathon. She has now completed 2 marathons and multiple half marathons. Kristen has overcome four stress fractures in her right femoral neck over the last five years and running has helped her to appreciate the ability to start fresh after each injury. She enjoys the peace and quiet that she gets while running and especially enjoys running with her dog, Rudy.

She has tremendous pride in being a Stryker employee, but experiences pride on an entirely different level when she witnesses our products, usually a Power-Pro cot, golden in color, in a medical tent or at the sideline at a finish line of a race. She can’t wait to cross the finish line with the other 30,000+ runners in April!

Winston Du | Running to become a stronger version of himself

Winston Du is on the post-market regulatory compliance team at Instruments. He started running, coincidentally, when he started working at Stryker about two years ago. This was partly inspired by working alongside one of his teammates who has run the Boston Marathon several times. Winston has now run two full marathons, with a personal record of 3 hours and 35 minutes. His current goal is to run the 2019 Borgess Marathon this May with a time of 03:25:00.

Winston enjoys the sense of control in life that self-competitive running provides to him. He feels that the work put into preparation and going for a better time leads to becoming a better, stronger version of yourself and feeling more empowered and confident. He loves the feeling of getting a little better every day. You will find him on his 16-, 18- and 20-mile runs on the next few Saturdays in Kalamazoo.

The opportunity to run Boston is a dream and he is honored to have Stryker’s bib for this race.

Best of luck to all of our runners!

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