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4 reasons to join Stryker in Warsaw, Poland

Updated: Sep 16

Strategically located in the business district, our Stryker office in Warsaw is at Rondo Daszynskiego, Wola District.

Our Warsaw office at a glance:

· Office address: Poleczki 35, 02-822 Warszawa

· Main businesses: Finance, procurement, sales and marketing, customer service

· Main function(s): Warehouse, logistics, customer service, finance, tenders, technical service, marketing and events, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and human resources

Here's why we enjoy our Warsaw office:

1. People are our most important asset.

We appreciate each other and show it. From special anniversary awards to commemorate 5, 10, 15 and more years with Stryker to birthday vouchers and congratulatory wedding gifts, we go out of our way to recognize you, your achievements and milestones.

2. We take our dining seriously.

We serve up fresh bread daily, free fruit twice a week and subsidize your lunch—all so you can focus on what’s important to you, like catching up with fellow colleagues!

3. We invest in you.

We admire you wanting to grow your strengths and are open to providing education assistance that will help grow your skill set and advance your career. This could range from tuition reimbursement to access to online platforms for access to business courses.

4. We love doing things together!

We hang out at work, after work and any chance we get in between. From our Easter dinners, annual office Christmas party and our yearly internal football tournament, there’s always something to look forward to.

Fun fact

Keret House—the world’s narrowest 2-story house, with a width of 1.22m, a height of 9m, and an elevation of 3 meters, is situated in the center of Warsaw.

Interested in joining our family in Warsaw?

Check out current job openings and apply today! #WeAreStryker

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