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Progress in your career? Or prioritize your family? At Stryker, you can do both.

Updated: Feb 15

Meet Danniza G., Senior Finance Director at Stryker Shared Services in Costa Rica.

Twenty-some years ago, Danniza was working her way up the corporate ladder as the youngest accounting supervisor at a maritime company and attending night school to earn her bachelor’s degree. Today, she oversees financial operations at Stryker in Costa Rica. But how did she get here?

Reflecting on her early career, Danniza shared “it was full of overcoming obstacles, taking risks and learning from my mistakes. Through hard work and perseverance, I earned my master’s degree and continued to learn and grow professionally.”

Danniza’s growth hasn’t been limited to her professional life. While building a career, she got married, had two daughters, and continued to thrive in the Land of Pura Vida.

Things took a slight turn when a previous employer presented an opportunity that would require Danniza and her family to relocate to a new country. Faced with the decision to take on a new adventure, Danniza felt she had to prioritize one aspect of her life over the other. Following careful consideration, her family decided to relocate.

It wasn’t long after the move that Danniza realized an entirely new country and lifestyle wasn’t working for her personal life. She found herself asking “Do I continue to progress my career or do what’s best for my family?” Despite loving the professional challenge, she knew in her heart moving back to Costa Rica was the answer.

Danniza was strategic in her job search, looking for companies that valued work-life integration and their employees. Her research led her to Stryker. Her interview process reinforced what she’d already learned about the company. Here, she wouldn’t have to prioritize career growth over her family. She would have the freedom and flexibility to nurture both areas of her life. “Stryker takes care of its people and relationships matter here. Also, ethics and compliance are very important and Stryker’s dedication to integrity shined through.”

In 2022, Danniza and her family moved home to Costa Rica and Danniza started the next chapter of her professional life at Stryker as the Senior Director of Finance for Stryker’s Shared Services. She has fully immersed herself in creating business solutions that are driving improved outcomes.

What’s next for Danniza? We’ll have to wait and see, but she did leave us with this: “At Stryker, you are not limited to the role you have today. There are opportunities for your future.”

Are you looking for a company that will encourage you to prioritize your career and your other passions?

At Stryker, we want you to have both.

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