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6 reasons to join Stryker’s Customer Service team

Updated: Jun 7

Ready to dive into a role that puts your problem-solving skills to the test while aiming for the highest standards in customer service? As part of our customer service team, you're leading our efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations. In these roles, you’ll collaborate closely with our sales force and customers, honing your ability to identify and resolve issues, helping to ensure we deliver unparalleled service and solutions.  

Here are 6 reasons to join our customer service team:

1. A culture that values personal and professional development

What I appreciate most about working for Stryker, is the company's commitment to innovation, teamwork, and a culture that values personal and professional development, allowing us to make a meaningful impact on healthcare worldwide.”

–  Andrea T. | Senior Customer Service Representative | United States


2. Make a difference in healthcare

I love working at Stryker and especially our customer service team. Not only do I feel valued as an employee but also as a person. Our management is the best I have ever worked with, and they want to see you succeed. I also love knowing that I am making a difference when it comes to health care, taking care of our doctor’s offices and hospitals." –  Kylie W. | Associate Customer Service Representative | United States

3. Drive impactful decision making

“I am beyond thrilled to be a part of Stryker's Customer Service team! As a Data Analyst, my role goes far beyond just crunching numbers – it's about pioneering the future of healthcare! Each day brings new opportunities to leverage insights that spark meaningful change and drive decision-making that's truly impactful. I'm ecstatic to collaborate with my team, using data to elevate our customer service to unparalleled heights in the industry. Let's dive in and make magic happen together!” –  Vikas S. | Support Business Intelligence Analyst | India

4. Help maximize the value of our products

"Our team takes pride in partnering with our customers and helping them maximize the value of Stryker's Digital Clinical Communications & Workflows products. Join a world-class team of talented support professionals who, together with our Customers, are driven by our core mission of making healthcare better." –  Pushpenra R. | VP, Technical Support | United States

5. Be part of a brilliant team

“The customer service team act as the voice of Stryker Support and they are brilliant at what they do! Their proficiency in swiftly triaging customer requests guarantees that critical matters are handled quickly and effectively. ”  Avinash MK. | Support Process Manager | India

6. Join a rewarding community

"Working within Stryker Customer Service is incredibly rewarding on many factors and allows me to directly impact patient care. Here within Stryker Customer Service, you do not feel small, within a large corporate world. We have a wonderful community, that is constantly positively interacting. It's a career path that offers constant growth opportunities and the chance to make a meaningful impact on others' lives. I encourage others to consider joining this dynamic field for its skill development, and endless potential for personal and professional growth. Most importantly, the chance to be part of an innovative industry dedicated to improving healthcare."

 Hannah C. | Customer Service Representative | United States

Explore all our Customer Service roles here and join our award-winning team today.


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