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Like thousands of Stryker employees, Michael Pearison participates in Strive—our employee well-being program closely tied to our company’s mission. Michael is a Senior Test Technician with Stryker’s Instruments division and frequently earned points through the program. 

As part of Strive, Michael registered himself for biometric screening—and was lucky he did. The test results raised a red flag. Then came the diagnosis: a very rare form of cancer called a carcinoid neuroendocrine tumor. 

Michael’s doctors acted swiftly, and although the location of the tumor was not easily operable, a procedure was scheduled for its removal. Between five doctors, four hospitals, numerous tests, three endoscopic procedures, PET scans, MRIs and more, Michael’s medical costs would have surpassed $100,000, but Stryker’s insurance plan covered nearly 80% of that cost. After 18 months of diagnostics and procedures, Michael was finally cleared of all cancer and is now in observatory care. 

At Stryker, investing in people means investing in people like Michael—a person who is more than an employee, but a friend, relative, and neighbor. By seeing individuals as more than their role or job title, we’re better able to serve them, support them and, occasionally, help save their life.

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