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Our favorite Stryker perks

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Stryker offers many benefits and perks that allow employees to enjoy their work and personal lives. Aside from the traditional benefits like paid time off, healthcare, and retirement benefits, Stryker offers some unique perks that our employees tell us are their favorites. Here are what our employees, all over the world, are saying about their favorite Stryker perks*.

Flexible work hours

“An amazing perk is the flex time. This really allows me to balance my family life and work life. This also helps out with medical appointments where I do not need to take the whole day off and can flex in and out to cover these appointments. Thank you, Stryker for caring about me not as a worker, but as a person... I LOVE being a part of this family.” - Marcia C. | Kalamazoo, MI

Tuition reimbursement

“With Stryker’s tuition reimbursement plan, which offers up to $15,000 per year in reimbursement including books and lab fees, I was able to receive my MBA without spending money from my own pocket!” - Shelby B. | Boston, MA

401(k) matching and ESPP

“The matching contribution to our 401(k) is very generous in comparison to the average company. Our stock purchase plan is a nice option to set yourself up for retirement too.” - Andrew W. | Portage, MI

On-site fitness center and classes

“The on-site fitness classes with Athletic Mentors in Kalamazoo is a HUGE benefit. It's great to be able to get in a workout when it aligns with my schedule, and as a working parent it helps to not have to go to the gym at 5 AM.” - Emily M. | Kalamazoo, MI

Strive wellbeing program

Strive rewards me and my spouse for "striving" to be healthy, and to be socially and financially responsible.” - Dawn C. | Upper Saddle River, NJ

Health and wellbeing

“I really like that Stryker offers so many benefits to support employees staying healthy and fit. In Freiburg for example, Stryker supports employees to join a community of 1,500+ fitness centers and spas. Employees can visit them all over Germany – unlimited! Additionally, Stryker supports employees to lease a bike. So, I can leave my car at home and cycle to work!” - Sara H. | Freiburg, Germany

Free fruit

“I love that we have fresh fruit every day at Stryker in Amsterdam. If you feel like you need a break, you can grab an apple instead of eating chocolate. Additionally, Stryker has e-bikes in front of the building which you can rent if you want to go somewhere quickly or to have lunch somewhere else. It's really great!” - Ina S. | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Learning opportunities

“For me it's the education benefits that are provided; they are some of the best in the industry.” - Jason P. | Redmond, WA

Social events and activities

“At the RDC in Dallas, there's always some food truck, farmer's market, BBQ competition, fundraiser, etc. They're fun, casual environments to hang out with coworkers and friends, and it shows dedication from our HR staff to maintaining a fun, awesome work environment.” - Brain G. | Dallas, TX

“In France, we have a group of employees who work on employee engagement. They organize events where we can have fun and to get know each other better. For instance, this year at Christmas, they have built an advent calendar: each day they picked some employees to send in a short story to describe themselves: some fun little story or some hobbies. They have also organized a bakery challenge, a Halloween decorating challenge, a joke challenge,etc. The goal is always to have fun, to get to know each other. That is a great perk!” - Cecilia Z. | Pusignan, France

Constant feedback

“Clearly one of my personal drivers is the constant feedback from team members and the emphasis on good co-worker relationships, it makes you feel part of a growing and successful enterprise, it makes me wake up happy in the morning to come work with such great mentors.” - Andres R. | Baja, CA

The Milkstork program

"Stryker really is supportive of working moms. I use our Milkstork benefit which provides a no-fuss solution to pumping while traveling!" - Melanie G. | New York, NY

Adoption assistance

"My wife and I adopted a baby and received a ton of support from Stryker - not only emotional support from my amazing team, but also financial support from the organization in terms of reimbursement for adoption-related expenses." - Ryan B. | Chicago, IL

Engagement Day

"Once a year at Stryker, every employee gets an Engagement Day where we are free to do whatever we want, as long as it increases our engagement in an area that we consider important. Last year I decided to spend the day having a picnic with my family and this year I decided to spend it snowboarding with the friends I made at work." - Jean-Philippe H. | Sydney, Australia


*Note: Stryker perks may vary by location


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