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Stryker's 2020 Student Enrichment Series

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 internship program. We recognized the impact this decision would have on our interns, so we decided to host a summer enrichment series for all 2020 internship program candidates.

The series was held throughout the months of June and July and comprised of several virtual programs. There were a total of eight sessions including product showcases, personal brand training, career development program review, and more!

We connected with a few participants and asked them to share more about their experience – here’s what they had to say.

Stryker cares about its interns

“As someone who has always wanted to work for Stryker, I have been interested in what each location around the country focuses on, and how they individually work to innovate and improve healthcare. This series educated me on all these things and made me even more excited for my upcoming internship.

One of the most important topics was Stryker’s response to the pandemic. As COVID-19 dominates almost every conversation these days, being a part of a company that is actively working to keep everyone healthy and combat the pandemic is extremely reassuring and only affirms my decision to work here.

Lastly, the episodes to help us improve our professional presence proved just how much Stryker cares about its interns. Even beyond our time at Stryker, they want us to thrive in the professional world. This summer proved to me that Stryker will be one of the best places to work due to how they care for not only their interns but the community as a whole.”

– Rose A. | The University of Texas at Austin

We were given exceptional techniques to use after graduation

“The Student Enrichment Series allowed me and my cohorts to learn more about the different departments/divisions that make up Stryker. Additionally, we were introduced to the wide variety of organizations and enrichment programs that Stryker offers its employees. Not only were we provided insights into the culture, but we were also given exceptional techniques to use after graduation to smoothly transition from a student to a young professional.

Stryker’s core values of people, integrity, performance, and accountability were profoundly displayed throughout the entire program by allowing for us students to participate and interact with current employees. This Student Enrichment Series was a unique and informative experience that allowed hired interns to explore more about the inner workings of Stryker.”

- Brooke Z. | Drake University

The series made me more interested in striving to help Stryker in its mission

“I am grateful for all of the resources provided to me from Stryker that summer I felt I was able to take advantage of an otherwise unfortunate situation, and I attribute my development to the work that Stryker did for us as former interns.

Every webinar or resource I was provided by the company only made me more interested in striving to help Stryker in its mission. I also hold a strong belief, due to the series, that Stryker is the right place for me to develop my skills and mature as an individual. The presentations I watched and the dedication to values that I saw in Stryker and its employees was nothing short of impressive, and I am very excited that I have the opportunity to pursue an internship with Stryker during the summer of 2021!”

- Nolan D. | Notre Dame

I feel more ready to join Stryker next summer

“Over the course of the summer, I was able to learn about different departments in the company, how to transition into a professional position, and how a traditional job at Stryker might look in the future. Each employee that participated in the program created a comfortable space to air all questions and concerns that each intern had. The program made me feel more integrated into Stryker, and I now feel more ready to join the company as an intern in Summer 2021.

Overall, I am appreciative of the hard work that went into making the Stryker Summer Enrichment Program possible during the chaos of COVID-19 and feel that the program itself had a positive influence on me as I begin my journey with Stryker.”

- Dana B. | Purdue University

An eye-opening experience

“The Stryker Student Enrichment Series was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to dive deeper into the mission, culture, and opportunities that Stryker has to offer. The product showcases were extremely impactful to me as I got to learn about how Stryker continues to remain a dominant force in the medical device industry and to innovate and expand. Hearing previous interns’ testimonies gives me confidence that this internship will prepare me for biomedical engineering careers following graduation.

Lastly, this Enrichment Series helped me understand the importance of my brand and enhanced my professional development skills. I now feel more confident in my LinkedIn profile, resume, and ability to make and maintain connections. This Enrichment Series was nothing short of spectacular, and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to intern next summer!”

- Meghan M. | University of Miami

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