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Meet Stryker's Veterans Association

Updated: May 15

Stryker has always been committed to building an inclusive, engaging work environment. In alignment with this commitment, we prioritize hiring and developing veteran talent. Stryker truly appreciates the values, leadership and teamwork veterans bring to the organization. One of the ways they support veterans, and their families is through the employee resource group: Stryker’s Veterans Association (SVA).

Fast facts about SVA

Mission: Cultivate an inclusive and engaging environment by supporting the recruitment, development and retention of veteran employees while giving back to our military communities.

Founded: 2016

Where to find SVA: Chapters of SVA can be found across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

About SVA

SVA is a community of military veterans, reservists, national guard members, military spouses, and supporters who form a community to support, encourage, and celebrate each other. In addition to providing opportunities for mentorship and networking, our SVA chapters are closely tied with their local military and veteran communities and offer our employees the chance to give back through volunteer hours and charitable donations.


Just like military members rely on each other during combat operations or routine tasks, at Stryker we rely on each other’s strengths to achieve shared goals. This ingrained sense of teamwork is fostered across SVA and translates well to our organizational culture. Additionally, military veterans working at Stryker will discover a familiar sense of purpose and alignment with our mission. Just as they served a cause larger than themselves during their military careers, our mission to work together with our customers to make healthcare better resonates deeply. This mission extends beyond individual tasks—it has an extraordinarily positive impact globally, touching lives and communities worldwide. By contributing to this noble endeavor, military members become part of something bigger than themselves, fostering a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie. Our mission-oriented culture provides a natural transition for veterans, allowing them to leverage their skills, dedication, and global perspective to make a meaningful difference in the world. 

Making Stryker more inclusive

SVA provides career support to military members, veterans and their families who work at Stryker through networking events, mentorship opportunities and well-being resources.

Stryker joined the Veteran Jobs Mission in 2014 and since SVA’s inception, they’ve partnered with Stryker’s talent acquisition team to advocate for creating more inclusive hiring practices for military talent. SVA strives to make Stryker a preferred destination for top veteran talent by driving veteran employee engagement. SVA meetings and events build camaraderie among members and provide networking opportunities and career insights to help members grow their careers at Stryker.

Key initiatives that SVA strives toward to make Stryker more inclusive are:

  • Providing support for veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, including onboarding at Stryker.

  • Offering an internal network for veterans and military family members to connect and share resources.

  • Educating the business about challenges faced by veterans transitioning out of the military, as well as their spouses and families.

A career destination for all talent

SVA is driven to ensure veteran talent feels at home within Stryker by providing new members with an onboarding buddy and offering education resources (personal finance, career pathing, development, and more) designed to help employees navigate their new role in civilian life.

Rooted in their mission to make Stryker a career destination for veterans, SVA continues to lead the charge dedicated to giving a great corporate work experience to all members of the military.

What SVA means to the Stryker team

“It is my great honor to serve as the Executive Sponsor of Stryker’s Veteran Association. We are united in our vision of making Stryker a career destination for veterans. Together, we are committed to supporting and empowering our nation’s military veterans and making healthcare better for all. I am excited to partner with the SVA Executive Steering Committee team and be part of a real and positive impact on the lives of military communities.” - Tom C. | SVA Executive Sponsor | United States

“Since joining Stryker, my leadership team has made every effort to identify and connect me with other veterans within the company. Stryker has a profound understanding about how our shared backgrounds of service enable veterans to make fast and lasting connections with each other. Helping us feel integrated smoothly. I truly feel like Stryker works hard to find people with that same desire to be of service regardless of their employment history. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people at Stryker. I am proud to be a part of an organization with so much integrity and genuine warmth.” – Andrina J. | Army Veteran | United States

“SVA provides me the opportunity to meet other veterans and help drive an inclusive and engaged environment for our veteran employees.” – Jacqueline J. | Army Veteran | United States

“From the first moment I entered the Redmond Stryker facility for an interview as an active-duty sailor, I was astounded to see an efficient positive, worker-prioritized, successful company. Coming from a high-stress-inducing job, Stryker was like a breath of fresh air compared to just about any workplace I’ve been a part of. Shortly after my new career as a Senior Test Technician was sprouted, I was even more pleased to see all the socially progressing ERGs this company has to offer, including one of my new favorites the SVA. Additionally, Stryker has shown a great attitude and respect for all veterans. I believe this company and the SVA itself are leading examples of how all corporations should be modeled after.” – Maya S. | Navy Veteran | United States

“At Stryker, we have a thriving culture of support and community, and SVA is no exception. This community provides veterans with the support they need to succeed both professionally and personally. SVA is a platform for veterans (and allies) to connect with one another, share their experiences, and provide guidance to each other. It also ensures that our veterans are not left behind and that their unique needs are met. This community is a testament to Stryker’s commitment to providing a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and equity.” – Jen C. | Navy Veteran | United States 

“The best way Stryker has supported me as a veteran was to start our Veteran's Association. For those of us that have been out a long time, it's allowed us to open a door that we'd shut when we left and process everything because we had the space to do that with fellow veterans. It's also given me a new purpose in assisting newer veterans in transitioning and making the most of their new civilian life.” - Peter R. | Army Veteran | Australia

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