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3 reasons to join Stryker in Malmö, Sweden

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Nestled in the Svågertop business district, with a view of the Öresundsbro—Stryker in Malmö is where tradition meets innovation.


Our Malmö office at a glance:

· Office Address: Långhusgatan 5B, 215 86 Malmö, Sweden

· Number of Employees: 100+

· Main Businesses: Sales, Customer and Logistics Support and Central Warehouse Hub for the Nordics

· Main Function(s): Customer and Logistics Support, Business support, Warehouse, Sales


Here’s why our Malmö office is the place to be:

1. We are family!

From our annual Stryker Family Day, to Christmas parties, Friday breakfasts, birthday celebrations and the vital Swedish Fika in the afternoon—we love spending time together both at work and after. In fact, we work with some of our best friends!


2. We believe in balance

Get your workday moving with Stryker bikes and helmets, stay centered with onsite massages and unwind in our mindfulness room. And for those who need even more, there’s our very own Stryker Sports Club which organizes a variety of activities year-round.


3. We love our new office!

Officially launched on June 3rd this year, our open landscaped office is a product of creativity and insights from our very own Stryker employees. From a ping pong table in the break room to a state of the art showroom and a sedum roof at our entrance which boasts sustainable design as it increases biodiversity, it’s a place we’re proud to call ours.


Fun fact

The skyscraper called the Turning Torso in Malmö is the tallest building in the Nordics. However, what really sets it apart is its 90° twist which makes the building look like an optical illusion!


Interested in joining our family in Malmö?

Check out current job openings and apply today!

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