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What it’s like to work remotely at Stryker

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Stryker offers flexible work options ranging from fully remote to a hybrid model. Meet Meta who leads Global Talent Intelligence and chooses to work 100% remotely to discover what her life with Stryker is like.


Why did you join Stryker?

I joined Stryker in February 2019. I wasn't familiar with Stryker until a recruiter reached out letting me know about a great role within Talent Acquisition. I quickly did my homework and realized that I had seen plenty of Stryker products in doctors’ offices and hospitals, but I just hadn't put the product and name together. Every interaction I had with Stryker during the application process was great. I liked the people I met and talked with and my recruiter was pretty amazing. I joined Stryker because of the role, the people, and the company. It has been a great opportunity for me to learn and grow in a global, medical device company and being a part of making healthcare better is meaningful and cool!

What is your role at Stryker?

I lead the Global Talent Intelligence function within Talent Acquisition (TA). In my role, I focus on external and internal data sources to identify trends and insights and develop actionable talent strategies. Talent Intelligence is a relatively new function within TA so I can honestly say 10 years ago I had no idea this is where I would land!

What does a day in your shoes at Stryker look like?

Typically, I am logged on and working by 7:30. I start my day going through email and catching up on current events, talent, and competitor news. After that, it's working on whatever research projects I have in process. I spend a lot of time extracting data from different sources, analyzing that data, creating visuals, pulling out insights, making recommendations, and then presenting/discussing findings with business leaders.

Tell us why you chose to work remotely and what that experience has been like.

I have been a remote worker for over 5 years, and I love it. Given my role revolves around research and data, I need a work environment where I can dig in and really focus. As a remote worker, I get to create that space for myself. Pre-COVID, I enjoyed getting together with co-workers a couple of times a year and I am hoping we will get back into that groove in 2022. Remote work with occasional face-to-face time is a perfect combination for me and how I work.

Has your decision to work remotely been supported by Stryker?

I was hired as a remote worker and immediately had the equipment, time, and resources I needed to acclimate to Stryker. I can connect with people online through video meetings and other supported technologies. I feel connected to my team, to greater Global TA, and Stryker.

Do you have any work life balance tips for other remote workers?

Creating a dedicated workspace and a daily routine has been important for me as a remote worker. It can be easy to work longer hours because work and home live in the same space. Stepping away from work to eat and take a break during the day is important; taking a walk outside can really help me come back to work refreshed with new creative energy.

Where are you now? Where to next and what are your plans for the future?

I am currently in Madison, Wisconsin. In August I am taking a 2-week vacation to Northern California. I can't wait to see the redwoods! After I get back from California, I am heading to the Twin Cities. Autumn in the Midwest is spectacular. I haven't figured out where I am off to come mid-November, but I have time to do a bit of research before picking the next city.

Do you have any advice for readers considering applying to Stryker?

Do it! If you want to be challenged, continue to learn and grow your career, work with great people, and be a part of making healthcare better, apply to Stryker today!


For more on growing your career at Stryker and our various work flexibility options, visit


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