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Getting to know Stryker: Engineering

At Stryker, Engineering isn't just a job—it's a mission to revolutionize healthcare and improve lives across the globe.  

Engineering at Stryker is where innovation and impact converge to shape the future of healthcare. With Engineering roles focused on Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Quality, Software, Process, People and Product Management- you'll be sure to find your fit on our team, regardless your engineering discipline. 

Explore our Engineering disciplines:

Electrical Engineering 

Our Electrical Engineering team is at the forefront of designing, developing and refining electro-mechanical components for medical devices and implants, utilizing concurrent engineering and rapid prototyping to expedite time to market within project deadlines and cost constraints. They collaborate with internal and external teams to create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges, ensuring designs are optimized for function, manufacturability and cost efficiency.

Electrical Engineers at Stryker conduct comprehensive research, feasibility studies and prototype testing to validate designs, and work closely with Quality Engineers to develop testing protocols. They play a pivotal role in communicating with Manufacturing teams to refine

designs, liaising with supply chain personnel for material sourcing and leading efforts to resolve customer product issues through diligent problem-solving and technical training.  


Manufacturing Engineering 

Our Manufacturing Engineering team is at the cutting edge of manufacturing excellence and is dedicated to leveraging automation and continuous improvement tools within the Stryker Production System, driving impactful results. Manufacturing Engineers at Stryker collaborate with Quality Assurance, suppliers, Advanced Operations and Product Development to drive best practices and support business objectives all while developing and managing project timelines within a cross-functional team. They play a crucial role in resolving quality issues with Operations, Engineering Services and Quality through established problem-solving methodologies, and actively lead teams in improvement of manufacturing processes for existing and new products. This team also sets direction for achieving excellence by reviewing and approving inspection plans and product drawings and leading technical meetings  


Mechanical Engineering 

Our Mechanical Engineering team is focused on innovating healthcare through rigorous

research, design, development and modification of medical device components, modules and subsystems. They translate user needs into design specifications, engage in advanced prototyping and testing, and utilize independent judgment to analyze and resolve complex issues. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of customer needs and clinical procedures, they advance solutions, support voice of customer sessions, and apply their understanding of medical device compliance and industry standards to lead in the creation of critical engineering documentation. Projects also involve close collaboration with cross-functional teams across R&D, Quality, Manufacturing and more, to drive project success, improve processes, and deliver results.  

Quality Engineering 

Our Quality Engineering team ensures our products are delivered with the Stryker gold

standard! They collaborate with cross-functional product development teams, helping to launch medical devices that not only meet but exceed customer and stakeholder expectations throughout their lifecycle. Members of our Quality Engineering team lead continuous improvement efforts, participate in new product development by integrating quality data and customer feedback into design considerations, and oversee product safety risk management activities. They also develop and approve validation strategies, optimize test methods and spearhead quality leadership in addressing product line issues, while offering mentorship and expert-level guidance across the company. By identifying key performance metrics and analyzing trends, they promote rigorous production and post-production monitoring, contributing to our commitment to quality and impactful results in patient care.  


Software Engineering 

Our Software Engineering team plays a pivotal role in ensuring our medical devices adhere to internal and FDA software development standards, working closely with technical leadership. They engage with both internal and external customers to fine-tune requirements and validations, while cross-functionally collaborating with technical experts to enhance software capabilities and deepen the understanding of the medical procedures where our products are deployed. Responsibilities can span from conducting research, prototyping and problem-solving to designing components and coding, all while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory standards and contributing to the success of projects through seamless cross-functional collaboration.  

Process Engineering 

Our Process Engineering team has the unique opportunity to critically evaluate and influence

the design of new products, with a sharp focus on optimizing cost, reliability and safety. Their expertise is pivotal in defining, developing and executing key process development elements, acting as an essential technical liaison between Research and Development and Manufacturing.  


Engineering People Manager 

Engineering People Managers drive impact by leading technical teams in the research, design,

development and evaluation of medical device systems, applying cutting-edge engineering theories and concepts. Engineering People Managers use their expertise in the assessment of transformative technologies, steering their integration within and across our product lines, making critical decisions, mentoring on complex design issues and contributing to our intellectual property strategies. As influential leaders, they drive impactful cross-functional collaborations that focus on developing innovative products that surpass patient expectations and push the boundaries of global healthcare.  

Engineering Project Manager 

Engineering Project Managers are at the forefront of our research, development, and engineering efforts, where they manage product development projects and collaborate cross-functionally across global business units, enhancing our innovation and development processes. Engineering Project Managers not only focuses on leading projects but also embed their knowledge in engineering procedures, technology and methodologies vital for creating new products, playing a crucial role in our mission to prioritize our customers and patients. They’re responsible for the independent and timely execution of project deliverables, participating in the entire New Product Development (NPD) process from concept design to verification and validation activities, utilizing advanced project management tools to plan and manage projects effectively. Leading a cross-functional project team, they work closely with R&D, Advanced Operations, Marketing, RA/QA and Quality Services, effectively communicating with all stakeholders and adherence to divisional design control procedures. Engineering Project Managers also manage the creation of critical documents and ensuring all project deliverables meet our high standards and contribute to our goal of excellence in customer and patient care. 


Ready to engineer the future of healthcare?  

Discover our engineering job openings today and watch your career soar to new heights. 


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