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Getting to know Stryker: Marketing

Stryker’s Marketing team is responsible for telling our company story and supporting our businesses by enabling them to market our products and services on a global scale. As a marketing professional at Stryker, you’ll interact and engage with many people including our sales representatives and customers to help them achieve their goals and our mission to make healthcare better.  

Getting to know Stryker: Marketing 

Marketing Associates 

Marketing Associates collaborate cross-functionally to develop and execute strategic marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness, customer engagement and revenue growth. A typical day might include diving into market research, crafting compelling publicity or supporting product development and launches. Marketing Associates provide unparalleled support to Marketing Managers, Sales Professionals and Customer Service teams. Want to know more? Find out why you should consider starting your career as a Marketing Associate at Stryker. 


Upstream Marketing  

The Upstream Marketing team focuses on innovation that has the potential to impact Stryker’s future. They utilize market research and third-party data to predict and understand customer needs. Additionally, they collaborate across departments to develop new products and launch plans that will strategically align with current Stryker products and services.  Explore Upstream Marketing openings. 


Downstream Marketing 

Downstream Marketing roles center around marketing currently available products and services. This team analyzes market positioning as well as the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors. They configure pricing strategy and develop effective KPI’s to help maximize brand awareness and drive immediate sales. Explore Downstream Marketing openings. 


Medical Education Specialists 

Stryker’s Medical Education Specialists (MedEd) collaborate closely with healthcare professionals and internal teams to support educational development and knowledge of Stryker products. They develop communication plans and organize training sessions to ensure Stryker products are used properly. Explore Medical Education Specialist openings. 


Product Manager 

Product Managers lead cross-functional teams through the entire product lifecycle. They prepare marketing plans for specific Stryker products and work with customer facing teams to cohesively deliver the key selling points of Stryker products. Day to day, they collaborate closely with Research and Development, Marketing, Sales and Regulatory Affairs to prepare the launch and promotion of designated Stryker products. Explore Product Manager openings.


Brand Manager 

Brand Managers create brand strategies that amplify Stryker’s global reputation and brand awareness amongst healthcare professionals, patients and employees. They develop marketing campaigns and strategies, handle portfolio development, implement internal and external education strategies and are always on the lookout for customer engagement opportunities. Their key objective is to improve brand positioning and perceptions based on market, customer and competitive insights. Explore Brand Manager openings.


Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketers at Stryker create and manage CRM strategies, email marketing campaigns and patient engagement and loyalty measurement. They educate customers through nurture marketing campaigns that drive users to take action and optimize content regularly to ensure success metrics are achieved. Explore Digital Marketing openings.

Market Research and Analytics 

Market Research and Analytics teams develop strategic market and product line business plans to support sales in designated market segments. They synthesize market trends, make recommendations on strategic focus and determine the level of engagement among target markets. Overall, their goal is to provide insights on key business priorities and ensure those recommendations are activated.  Explore Market Research and Analytics openings.


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